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Root Does installing a custom ROM effect 3G speeds?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by atn_chargers, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. atn_chargers

    atn_chargers Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    May 22, 2010
    I've noticed that after I install a custom ROM, my 3G speed dropped from .73 Mbps to .47Mbps. I know it's not that big of a difference, but I just wanna know if this is in fact confirmed.


  2. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member

    Flashing a custom ROM shouldn't affect 3G unless you flashed an different radio file.

    For example, if you have a Nexus One and you want to have CyanogenMod 5.0.8, it requires you to flash the Froyo radio. Remember though, flashing radios is dangerous and you shouldn't unless you have to or have problems as it can caused bricked phones if you do it incorrectly.

    Have you flashed a new radio? What ROM did you flash?
  3. Schwin97

    Schwin97 Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2010
    Why would flashing new radio load cause a phone to become bricked? Does it do something to the startup sequence that causes the phone to not be able to boot up (not sure why it would do that)?

    It seems like a bad radio image would just stop the wifi and cell phone functionality to not work, but it should still be able to boot up - and should still be able wipe and reload through the usb port...

    I must be missing something.
  4. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

    Jan 21, 2010
    Pompey, UK
    We've all flashed our radios a few times doing the ERE27 OTA update & FRF85B OTA update, flashing a radio in itself isn't inherently dangerous, but if something should go wrong during the flash, then the phone would be bricked.
  5. Vakman

    Vakman Well-Known Member

    Correct. So you should be careful is all I was saying Schwin97.
  6. Ryjabo

    Ryjabo Well-Known Member

    If you're on FroYo, you need to have the FroYo radio.

    I recommend going through here: Nexus One - xda-developers

    Also, some kernels with undervolting *CAN* affect signal. Be aware.

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