Help Does is safe to root with z4root app


Hello Guys!!!

I need root my smartphone, some doubt regrading the rooting app.
which app is safe to root and unroot as per user requirement?

i come across with the z4root app rooting!

i downloaded from this website z4root apk

Please guys does it safe or i need to get alternative app or else suggest me amazing app.!!

scary alien

not really so scary
Well, z4root was certainly well-known and safe in it's day (2010/2011), so if you've got a much older device (with an older version of Android), then the official thread for that rooting tool is here:

The rooting method usually depends on the device itself, the carrier it was released on/for, and the version of Android that you are running.

scary alien

not really so scary
Oh, LOL, yeah, that's a pretty new/current device...z4root (and any other root exploits) are not likely to help you.

However, since this is a Nexus device, it's actually VERY easy to root.

You're probably looking for something like Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit.

Be aware that unlocking your bootloader will wipe your device, so save-off anything you need before attempting to do that with this tool.

Oh, don't forget that rooting your device will also keep you from being able to install future over-the-air (OTA) updates and things like Android Pay will not work.

Cheers and best of luck!