does it exist? :Send multipul texts to the same person.


Hi all,

me and many of my mates have unlimited texts on our contracts and we like playing jokes on each other where we send loads of texts at the same time to 1 person. so for instance if they dont come out for drinks then they get sent loads of texts.

This is not so easy on the Hero so was wondering if an application exists that can send 1 or 2 contacts loads of messages at once?

i know its a random things to do but it can be fun.

It's not in the market but google SMS Bomber.apk or SMS Barrage.apk and then use an app installer to install it to your phone. The SMS Bomber allows 40 at once.. but you can keep sending them as much as you want. The SMS Barrage allows 100 at once... but you have to wait until it sends all 100 until you can send more... like it has a progress bar. SMS Bomber you just click send and click ok then you can bomb them again.