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DOES it run Flash 10.1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by lexvdub1, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. lexvdub1

    lexvdub1 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I know that's a big deal, for people who already own it, can you answer that question please.

    and if you can, how smooth do the videos run.

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  2. NoCreditDroid

    NoCreditDroid Newbie

    This may be a stupid question, but do you have to be in a 4g LTE coverage area to take advantage of Flash? The way Samsung worded the spec sheet: "With state-of-the-industry 4G LTE speed, you’ll surf the web complete with flash content, plus download and stream videos." makes me wonder if they are creatively advertising Flash, but the phone cannot handle it without 4g. After the optimus M lies, I am guarded, and unfortunately, I live right between two 4g areas in Palm Coast, Fl. I will already be forced into buying 4g service that I will not get, but without Flash, I will spend $150 for the Optimus M versus $400 for the Sammy.
  3. no 4G is not required

    To run flash it is a matter of having a phone with a fast enough processor (or supported processor). The Optimus M does not have a fast enough processor to use flash 10.1.

    also remember that its mostly just for playing flash videos, not full flash like on your computer.

    website all need to stop using flash anyways and move to HTML5. its just a matter of time.
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  4. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    I have the phone, so I can confirm it runs all flash. ARM7 i think was the requirement for the cpu for a phone to run flash as per adobe. This has a woppin 1 gig processor, so its nothing for it lol.
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  5. NoCreditDroid

    NoCreditDroid Newbie

    Does anybody feel like making a video of this phone?... maybe running on the internet, etc. It would be the first one, as far as I know. I can only find the same pics, and youtube has the same old videos, however there is no actual footage of an actual consumer using the phone. This might seem silly, but I have to drive 45 mins just to see the phone, and even then it is not activated.
  6. I'll try and make one tomorrow.
  7. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    SO far i've tried all sorts of flash and it works like a champ. The metro built in browser itself has some kind of issues sometimes. But it has a nice double tap feature which zooms in around the flash you want to view. Been able to watch an hour long movie coded in flash, and pretty much every flash game without any lag or problems. The biggest problem is it eats the battery alive like a wild animal lol. That's the whole reason i want to root, to conserve my battery to the extreme.

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