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Support Does Juicedefender actually work?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Cbelflower321, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Cbelflower321

    Cbelflower321 Member
    Thread Starter

    I have noticed debates with some saying that it works great and they are happy, and others say that it doesn't work for them and they couldn't uninstall it quickly enough. I thought that may have been due to incorrect configuration, but then again some valid points were being made (ie its a program constantly running in the background causing battery use).

    So my question is, to all of the people who are currently using it, or previously used it, does JuiceDefender do what it claims to do? If so, how much of a difference does it provide?


  2. Impureclient

    Impureclient Lurker

    First post here but I had to give some props to this app. I just got my Optimus M, my first android phone, about a week ago. I was getting about 12 hours until dead with minimal use the first couple days. A couple phone calls, messing with apps for a few minutes here and there. I was fretting over how I would have to charge it during the day, what a pain. After that juicedefender install, at 12 hours after recharging it has about 65% still left. I thought it was just a fluke but it's been doing the same thing for the last few days. At that rate it should last around 30 -40 hours now, crazy.
  3. Cbelflower321

    Cbelflower321 Member
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    How is yours configured? Also how are you using your phone? I have done further reading and I have noticed that all this app does is tweak settings for you that you can do manually. So to me it seems that if you tweak your settings manually that you will get the same result without installing the app. Anyone else have any input?
  4. Impureclient

    Impureclient Lurker

    Wireless & networks - I have wifi off, bluetooth off
    Display - brightness at 25%, animation on some anim. are shown, screen timeout at 30 sec
    Location and security - wireless and GPS are off
    Applications - I have about 30 installed apps I got in the past week
    Accounts & sync - background data sync is off

    This is how it was before I put the juicedefender in. The 12 hours was a little wifi use. I think it went about 15 hours with no wifi use. The first day I had it I was all over in the phone and it ran out about maybe 8 hours in, I think. I was getting worried about that. I installed juice and it went from that average 12 hours to well over 30. Now I haven't let it go for the 30 but judging by 97% battery this morning for 4 hours of up time it would be safe to say it will do at least 30 hours. Right this second it's 11hrs, 46 min, 41sec and battery is at 64%. I had been playing with some apps and going to market about an hour ago showing my cousin the juice app. We couldn't get it and then figured out he had 1.5 installed and would have to root his HTC Hero to get the juice and a cool barcode scanner app. That barcode scanner app is very nifty as well. It seems so futuristic to scan stuff right on a computer monitor with a phone. Why I didn't get an android phone sooner is beyond me. This thing is nuts.

    Phone calls - about 10-12 calls and maybe 45 minutes of talking since it was unplugged this morning.
  5. Cbelflower321

    Cbelflower321 Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I guess I'll give it a try for myself and see if it works for me as well as it has for you. Also, which bar scanner app are you using? It sounds pretty nifty to have.
  6. Impureclient

    Impureclient Lurker

    Now if I can have the same battery time with different settings and not using this app, I'd like to know what to change. It seems like I have everything set to the "longevity" position.
  7. Impureclient

    Impureclient Lurker

    Barcode Scanner (Android) - Download


    I also have this one but haven't used it yet. It's from Google so it will probably work better I would imagine. http://www.google.com/mobile/shopper/

    I can't find the barcode to scan it. Oh wait, duh, you don't have the barcode scanner yet. You can just pull up the square android barcodes and zap them off the computer monitor.

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