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Mar 13, 2010
Baltimore, Maryland


All the other Galaxy S phones have that "music player" icon while the epic has the vanilla "music" icon?? If it does have the vanilla music app as opposed to samsung's... baffling :rolleyes:

Oh well, I was probably gonna keep using Meridian anyway so I can have a music player widget...

P.S. - The Video player is not vanilla, its samsung's video player. I saw it when they played Transformers on it.
The Samsung music video looks pretty nice, like it better than the stock HTC player. But I will most likely revert back to the MixZing music player from the market.
So will there be a way for hackers to get that samsung music player back on the Epic 4G where it belongs?

Most likely, along with the puzzle lock screen, and daily briefing widget thing. actually it seems like it would be pretty basic to do, after all they are running the same hardware (except memory) and TouchWiz 3.0.
They say samsung chose TW2.5 for reasons of landscape mode (I believe it must be landscape mode on home screen with keyboard slided out, since all other GS phones can do landscape mode in other apps). But what I am going to miss most is the music player, its 5.1 surround sound and it's widgets on lock screen. So I just hope people over at XDA would listen to my prayers and come out with complete TW3.0 experience along with music app asap.