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Does the Eris native mail app support push?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pittsleyb, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. pittsleyb

    pittsleyb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I want to add my gmail settings to the native mail app and use that for gmail instead of using the gmail app. I dont like how you cant attach a file other than a photo using the gmail app and I like the layout of the native mail app.

    If you add your gmail account to the native mail app can you still receive push email? I plan on disabling the sync settings for google in the main settings but that shouldn't affect an account added to the main mail app.

    Stupid if the native mail app doesnt support push.

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  2. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert


    IIRC the minimum interval is 5 minutes. Fine for me. My emails aren't that time sensitive.

    I believe that K9 does, though.
  3. Slash X

    Slash X Newbie

    I have run into the same exact problem you have. I've also deactivated the G-mail app and stuck with the native app on the phone. I now get visual notifications and mail counts on my G-mail account and company account which is what I needed.

    Now if they just fix the contacts listing (last name first) and visual voice mail (can only monitor voice mails through the exterior speaker), I'd be happy

    Not critical ---- but I am living with the 5 minute mail receive schedule for now.
  4. pittsleyb

    pittsleyb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thx for the replies. I was hoping someone would get what I was trying to do. I finally gave up after I couldn't attach a pdf using the gmail app. The native one is so much nicer.
  5. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    K9 Mail client has push. That's what I use.
  6. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    yeah i use k9 too
  7. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Hey Candy,

    I got all my in coming's to work, but I'm trying to set up my outgoing server and it's not connecting.

    It's an IMAP account; the server is smtp.me.com

    I've configured it on a Touch as well as my computers Mail Program. My DreamHost e-mail works fine on my phone.

    I dont see a dev site for K9, any idea where to maybe find an answer?
  8. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    try mail.domain.com instead of smtp....see what happens.
  9. Jlopcpa

    Jlopcpa Member

    If you are using exchange server I think there is an App called Touchdown that may push everything. But I have not tried it. I am waiting for the 2.0 upgrade to see what improvements are made (if any). http://tinyurl.com/tdstart - sorry that is the user guide.

    Here is the web site http://www.nitrodesk.com/
  10. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    No bones man :-/.
  11. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    It doens't even work on the regular mail app. I can receive my e-mail but not send them.
  12. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    You need to go onto you provider's website and find out what the SMTP server is called.

    In my case, I use pair networks and it's relay.pair.com

    Also, make sure that your "needs authentication" is not checked unless it's required. Usually a login is not required to send mail.
  13. bruceo

    bruceo Android Enthusiast

    K9's index view sucks terribly, but it is very nice that it has the coarse slider when you want to file or look at a label and you have a bunch of labels. Thats a big omision from the native and Gmail app where you actually have to finger scroll the whole list.

    Also saving and inserting attachments is so much better on HTC inbox and K9. The way gmail app handles them makes me so irritated I want to punch a google software engineer.
  14. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    I e-mailed a member of the google dev team working on K9, waiting for him to get back to me.
  15. falexs

    falexs Member

    Would be nice if K9 gave a notification like a text when the phone is locked.
  16. mastercannon

    mastercannon Lurker

    Hello, I am having problems with the outgoing server for my pair networks account on the Droid 2. I am receiving emails but when I try to send an email it fails. Can you tell me how you configured your outgoing server? I'm using an ACC (account control center) created email adress.

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