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Does the Galaxy S2 have lag?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VincentC, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. VincentC

    VincentC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    It's time to replace my Galaxy S and the Galaxy S2 looks like the logical choice.

    However, for all its qualities, the Galaxy S is marred by LAG, and even occasional FREEZING. Current or ex Galaxy S owners will know what I mean.

    I do not trust Samsung very much, as they should never have released such a poor product. I mean, these defects ruin the experience, despite all the great features.

    So my question is for you Galaxy S2 owners.

    I know that the S2 fares exceptionally well in benchmark tests, etc. Read the reviews, watched the videos.

    But the Galaxy S had good reviews too!

    In real life usage, does the Galaxy S2 REALLY cut it, without the lag and/or freeze episodes that ruined the Galaxy S experience?

    The S2 is the strongest according to most reviews, but I'm also considering the HTC Sensation, its most obvious competitor... my wife and my son's HTC Wildfires seem more reliable than my Galaxy S! They are smaller and do not have all the features but they do not have lag.

    Thank you for any comments based on real life experience!

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  2. heshanj

    heshanj Android Expert

    while using the phone, u will experience no lag at all. the dual core processor really makes a super smooth experience using this phone. the only 'lag' is when u turn on the phone when its in sleep mode.. it takes a second or two for the screen to turn on. its the most annoying point of the phone for me. apart from that, there's nothing like wat u describe on the original galaxy S.
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  3. KTP

    KTP Android Enthusiast

    i've only had my phone for 3-4 days and i have experienced no lag or freezes, i am very impressed with the phone, a lot more than i expected to be.
    although to be fair, i rooted it and flashed a custom kernal and rom within a day or so but even standard it was pretty flawless.
    its a fantastic product :)
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  4. lotus49

    lotus49 Android Expert


    The SGS2 is super snappy. It's one of the fastest devices I have ever used and in the three months I have had mine, there hasn't been a single occasion that I wanted it to be faster.
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  5. ironass

    ironass Extreme Android User

    If you would like lag, then get the HTC Sensation with its 768 MB of RAM, compared to the 1GB of the SGSII.

    In practice this means that the Sensation has around 180MB of RAM after boot up, with the RAM heavy Sense UI, whilst the SGSII comes in at around 450 MB (2.5 times more) at boot.

    This is most noticeable on my colleagues Sensation after opening things like Gallery, browser, video's, when a lot more RAM stopping and swapping has to take place. Not a big lag admittedly... but noticeable.

    This coupled with the difference in the CPU's/GPU's, gives the SGSII the edge in both performance and speed.

    See here for a side-by-side spc's comparison:-

    HTC Sensation vs. Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II - GSMArena.com

    Hope this helps. :D
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  6. VincentC

    VincentC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you all for your comments. They are very positive, there have been no negative opinions at all and I think I'm going to get this phone.
  7. KTP

    KTP Android Enthusiast

    i would highly recommend it.
    i was torn bitterly between the SGS2 and the Xperia Arc.
    my previous phone was the X10 and i loved the feel of the Xperia phones, the build quality is very good and they look amazing.
    i always thought the SGS2 looked and felt a little cheap when playing with them but i decided to go with that due to the Arc being a little older and probably replaced sooner with a newer model but i have no regrets now.
    the SGS2 is the fastest Android device i've ever used and even the look and feel of it have grown on me so much that i think my previous Xperia is a little bulky feeling and i havent touched it since i got its replacement.

    the SGS2 gets 5 stars from me and i was never a fan of Samsung phones previous to this one.
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  8. Snazzy

    Snazzy Android Enthusiast

    I'm so glad I waited for the S2 rather than buy the Sensation. No lag. Phone of the year in my opinion.
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  9. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Android Enthusiast

    You will be shocked at the difference. It is amazing what the faster processor does for the general operation of the SG2.
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  10. Remeniz

    Remeniz Android Enthusiast

    No lag here with my SGS2. It's my first Android phone and I'm glad I chose it over the Experia Arc.

    Its seriously quick!
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  11. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Newbie

    To the original poster: I want to know if you ended up buying the phone and if it did lived up to the "no-laginess" expectations. The original galaxy s was very disappointing in this regard.
  12. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    The OP hasn't visited this site since shortly after posting, I'm afraid.
  13. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Newbie

    What a leecher! :p
  14. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

    While we're on the subject, though, I must say my GS2 never had any lag through the time I have owned it, from the original GB through ICS.

    However... now that it has been upgraded to JB it lags! :-(
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  15. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Android Enthusiast

    ^Have you wiped cache and data after upgrading?
  16. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Newbie

    Thanks for the answer.
  17. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member


    I'm NOT the original poster. Just someone who picked up on the subject today.
  18. CargoMatatu

    CargoMatatu Well-Known Member

  19. SCPadgeebar

    SCPadgeebar Android Enthusiast

    When do you experience lag? When I was on JB, I was only experience lag when I open the Widgets Screen on TouchWiz UX as I have many widgets(Blame UCCW. :v )
  20. rpgmaker

    rpgmaker Newbie

    I know, but I thank you because this thread went from "no lags at all" to "lags in certain situations" and that makes the answers more nuanced than they were originally.

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