does the mail app keep the phone awake?


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alright, my dad's phone (post update) is at 100% awake time. it wasn't pre-update. my phone is also sitting at a higher awake time post update. i first thought the culprit was the mail app running more often. i have to force close it more frequently now. well, my dad complained about his battery again and i checked the awake time. 100%. he also asked me which programs were essential and i told him to kill the mail app. he said he keeps it open all the time cause he uses it all the time. sooo, now it is looking more to me like it is the mail app keeping the phone from sleeping.

can anyone help shine some light on this for me?


We have 2 Heros and on one of them the HTC mail app was keeping the phone awake 100% which it didn't use to do. It also made the phone very slow. I deleted the gmail account in the HTC mail app and now all is well, we just use the gmail app on that phone now.

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I don't mean to hijack this thread, but how do you see if your phone is awake 100% of the time? I do not have a Hero yet (should be getting on in a couple months). I have been trying to read up on issues, etc on here.....