Help Does the Optimus V support FAT32?


I'm getting a new 32GB SD card and need to format it FAT32, I think because of its size.
Will the Optimus V work with a card formatted FAT32?


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Fat32 is the standard format for SD cards and memory sticks.
Most phones support fat32 partitions and also ext3/ext4 ( most often used for darktremor's a2sd)

Most SD cards ship out with fat32 format but if it makes you feel better you can format it in "menu", "settings", "storage and SD", "unmount", "format SD card"


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Thanks for the reply.

Well what I want to do when the card arrives is format it on a PC, Win 7 64bit, with fat32 then copy over the files I saved from the original card on my PC to the new card. Then of course put this new 32GB card in the phone. Hoping all the data copied to the new card is seen by the phone.
Looking at the properties of the original 2GB card, once it was unmounted and removed from the phone and then put in the adapter and into a card reader, it is formatted FAT (not fat 32).