Help Does the Thunderbolt have the same display as the HTC EVO?

The HTC EVO had a 4.3 inch WVGA TFT LCD display. I'm hearing that the Thunderbolt will have Super LCD. Also, is the processor better?


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Yes, it will have super lcd, although i think this phone would be perfect with a super AMOLED :). And Yes the processor is better. It's faster and more efficient. It also is made out of more high quality materials. They are really two completely different phones.


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i dont think the evo is SLCD actually, its a normal LCD screen but i dont know for sure. the TB looks much nicer over the evo from all reports i have read


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Yes the EVO comes with a reg LCD screen...And the TB is coming with a Super LCD! I have to say Super LCD is an improvement over reg LCD, but HTC should have found a way to throw a Super Amoled on there....its 2011