Does this mean the CDMA Galaxy S phones won't suffer the lag issue?


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I think so! I am suprised to learn about Samsung using basically an internal sd card vs teh NAND memory. After reading this, I am glad the EPIC "only" comes with 1 GB because it all but asssures us that it will be the NAND memory. Now that I think about it IIRC the Vibrant and Captivate could only handle an additional 16GB card which at the time I was confused as to why, but this makes perfect sense, and we get the better end of the deal BY FAR! SPRINT FTW!!!

Great observation, I was always perfectly fine with it being 1GB internal, but now that I know it could potentially be a "benefit"... feels good!


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how do we know 100% that it's not just a 1gb card thrown in? id love it to not be, but how do we know?

Because if they were just going to throw in a card why not throw in the same card they used in all the other Galaxy S varients? We will not know 100% till the phone is released, but I think its a safe bet considering the huge difference in size.


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Cost...even if it is only a $10 difference, that adds up to a lot of cash if you sell 100,000 units.

While it is definitely possible, if this were the case wouldn't most android phones use an inyernal SD card setup if it were cheaper? NAND flash is the standard setup on android phones right now, even the cheapest devices run this kind of setup. If internal SD were cheaper then I would think it would be the most common.

Personally I think Samsung just cut a corner to gain a selling point for the captivate/vibrant and just put in a SD card instead of finding a way to expand NAND flash to a respectable size.

Just because the NAND setup is faster doesn't mean it is more expensive.