Does/will this phone exist?


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Hi Everyone:

Does anyone know if Verizon has or will have a phone that meets or exceeds all of the following minimum features?

  • Android
  • 4G
  • AMOLED (or better) screen
  • 4"+ screen
  • HDMI out
  • Global ready (supports CDMA & GSM)
  • Rear camera
  • Front-facing camera

Maybe the Droid Bionic will have these features if/when it finally gets released. Or am I just dreaming? :)


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there are currently no Global 4G phones for VZW

if not for your Global request i believe the Charge meets all other reqs


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lol there is btw a global phone on vzw

its called the Droid 2 Global :p

however it lacks everything he wants :p besides rear camera and android


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Thanks...I'm aware of those phones, but I'm really waiting for one that has all of those features. Until then, I'll be happy with my Incredible.