Nov 28, 2009
When my phone is plugged in the wall to charge, and I get a call or message or try to send one, it acts funny, freezes up, pressing screen may or may not get results. Is this normal or should I get a new one?
You did not mention if you are using the original charger or a replacement one.

I have seen this problem with non-Motorola chargers. Some people think it happens with chargers that provide less then 850ma but I don't think this is the issue since I had the same problem with a Nokia charger that can supply up to 1250ma. With the Nokia charger the phone was not going totally crazy like with some other chargers but the screen was a bit jerky when I was scrolling around. I ended up buying an OEM charger off ebay and this works fine. Do a search for SPN5358A or FMP5358A. Just make sure it is an OEM charger. I paid for mine $4.99 with free shipping.