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Does Your Vivid Randomly Restart?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ItalianHunk, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I was reading in another forum of people complaining about their Vivid's restarting on their own for no apparent reason. I'm surprised no one in this forum has mentioned it.

    Has anyone here had any problems with this? Here is the link. Hope this is allowed.

    Random Restarts

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  2. blueflame1979

    blueflame1979 Lurker

    I was just about to post the same thing and I also find it weird no one here had posted anything about random restarts. It seems that it doesn't happen to all the vivids because theres not much information about it. Well with my Vivid has been restarting since the first day, I've only had it for for 4 days!! The first day it restarted when I pressed the power to put it to sleep then I went to wake it up I pressed the power button to wake it up and it restarted. The 2 nd day it restarted the same way. The third day it restarted twice when I went to wake it up and another time it restarted when I was using the internet. It restarts recently about 3 times a day. I'm about to take it back to the store tomorrow and exhange it for another Vivid. I'm about to believe that there a bad batch in stock with these phones and I think I might go to another store for the exchange. I really like this phone but these restarts are annoying.
  3. blueflame1979

    blueflame1979 Lurker

    It seems like its not a big issue since many people viewed this post and nobody else has replied
  4. spaceboyusa

    spaceboyusa Lurker

    I'm on my second Vivid and both it and my first exhibit(ed) the random restart. I'm an Android noob and thus haven't deviated much from loading "standard/well-known apps" and yet both of them crashed multiple times. The first phone I had about two weeks, and it restarted at least 8 times. The second one I've had two weeks and it's restarted about 6 times. While most times the issue has appeared when I press the power button to bring it out of sleep, but on at least 3 occasions the phone has restarted on its own/just sitting there.

    I was at the AT&T store yesterday checking out the Nitro HD and mentioned this issue to the regional manager, and he was very familiar with the Vivid restart issue. So, it seems that it might be fairly widespread. I have to make a decision today as my 30 days are up: Stay with Vivid and hope the issue gets fixed or I get a phone that doesn't have this issue (would assume it's hardware, but I'm not sure it is), or move to something like the LG. Decisions...decisions...
  5. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I think I'll wait on getting the Vivid. I think too many people are having problems with this phone. Even when returning and getting a second Vivid. Thanks for your responses.
  6. woodsytattooman

    woodsytattooman Android Enthusiast

    No restarts here since i bought the vivid.Had it about 3 weeks and no problems yet.
  7. spaceboyusa

    spaceboyusa Lurker

    Wow...jealous woodsy...and ItalianHunk, I have to admit...I spent about 20 minutes doing a true side-by-side of the Vivid and the Nitro HD (had them both flat on the sales desk, next to each other doing exactly the same things at literally the exact same time) and to be honest, to me anyway, I thought the Vivid's screen was what I'll call "brighter white" and opened multiple web pages and apps like Market faster. Point being...I so want to like and keep this phone, as I'm really not sure the Nitro HD is the one...so if you have some time to play with, and don't mind the open locked bootloader issue (which I think will be resolved, or cracked, shortly...;o), I think the Vivid rocks and might be worth your time.
  8. Brownbeaver

    Brownbeaver Lurker

    So, I've had one random restart, had phone for three days. Who cares I'll never go back.

    All I have to say is I was a IPhone user for 3 years, I was in love with IPhone!! I have now had my eyes opened by the HTC Vivid, Thank you droid. I love th Vivid it is amazing. Runs faster, crashes never, endless abilities. I thought I could do a lot on the IPhone but I can do so much more on the Vivid with speed.

    Sorry I can't stop.
  9. Kourt1313

    Kourt1313 Lurker

    I've had mine a week and no restarts here. Runs like a champ. Maybe it was a bad batch like another poster said? I actually ordered mine from walmart.com, I didn't go to an ATT store... Maybe it's a coincidence but I seem to run into problem phones when I purchase from a store. My last two, one from Best Buy (HTC Status) and this Vivid have never had an issue.
  10. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    Mine did for the first time today.
  11. ulqini

    ulqini Lurker

    I already exchanged one vivd and still I have the same problem even with the second vivid that I already exchanged. This is so annoying I'm gonna change this phone if they don't fix this issue even that I reported the problem to HTC. Seems like they aren't trying to take care this problem. Shame on them...
  12. iFrosty

    iFrosty Lurker

    Im with you.
    Havent had one random reboot.
    I can only say that my phone froze once which caused me to reboot it
  13. tanner4137

    tanner4137 Member

    When it "reboots", is it a full reboot or does it go to the white screen that says HTC and then loads the home screen after a few seconds?
  14. bigcid10

    bigcid10 Lurker

    mine does it from time to time but My phone is rooted and bootloader is unlocked
    so I figured it was because of the nature of the beast
    Like my Iphone 4 did that too because of flaky software it's probably for the same reason
  15. lostsoul1

    lostsoul1 Member

    I have caught mine doing it 2 times but it seems to do it when I hit the wake button.
  16. MrN2itiv

    MrN2itiv Lurker

    I've had mine 2 days and it has done it both days. I was wondering if it was an app causing the issue, but now I'm starting to wonder.
  17. MrN2itiv

    MrN2itiv Lurker

    Went by the AT&T repair center by my office this afternoon as my Vivid is, daily, still powering itself off. The tech first recommended getting rid of Advanced Task Killer. She said that it has been known to cause weird issues. She also replaced the battery (I don't see how this could be related, but I wasn't going to complain about getting a new battery for free). We went ahead and did a factory reset on the phone just to make sure everything was back to base. She said if I continued to see problems to stop back by and we'd move on to another plan. I figure I'm going to keep it completely stock for a couple days to see how it goes. Just figured I'd pass along the info.
  18. bill.g

    bill.g Member

    Well I have not had random resets on my, but the screen and the buttons on it seem to be really sensitive or it could just be my fat fingers.
  19. WirelessMike

    WirelessMike Lurker

    I never had that issue with my Vivid until I "upgraded" to ICS recently. Now it does it every night (sometimes multiple times) on the charger.
  20. charlyee

    charlyee Android Enthusiast

    I have had my phone for 3+ weeks, starting with GB. Went to GB rooted>ICS Rooted>ICS rooted and unlocked bootloader> Custom ROM>updated Custom ROM, and no issues in any version (knocking on wood):)

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