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Doesn't Eris = Desire?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zeroleonheart, May 24, 2010.

  1. zeroleonheart

    zeroleonheart Member
    Thread Starter

    I have a question; if the HTC Desire getS 2.2 in June (supposing it ACTUALLY DOES HAPPEN), is it totally out if the question that this version of 2.2 can be ported over to the Eris?

    I've always thought that the Eris and the Desire were almost the same(ish) phone, so is it possible?

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  2. Tooleman694

    Tooleman694 Well-Known Member

    The Desire is more like the incredible..
  3. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    That's what is really confusing. Its safe to assume they mean the Desire that's equivalent to a Incredible. However, the Eris' codename is DesireC.
  4. zeroleonheart

    zeroleonheart Member
    Thread Starter

    See? Thats what I always thought. From what I understand, Sense UI is what takes so loooong to port over when getting Android updates, so I was just thinking, if it manages to get done for the Desire, maybe it can be 'scaled down' or 'ported' to the Eris.

  5. Supposedly the desire is the uk version of the incredible it has been stated on the incredible forum on this site
  6. false_apology

    false_apology Member

    I think it was just a poor/confusing naming decision on HTCs part... as most of us have grown to know, HTC gives each device two names; a "codename" and an actual phone name. The Droid Eris was "codenamed" the Desire, but the phone was named Droid Eris. The phone that is named the HTC Desire was codenamed the HTC Bravo.

    See this wikipedia table:
    List of HTC phones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So they are different phones. The Desire (I think) is Sense based with Nexus One-like hardware that was released for non-US markets. (Although wikipedia says it is coming to the US next month).
  7. doogald

    doogald Extreme Android User

    I posted this in another thread today, but during development, the Eris was known internally at HTC by the code name Desire. Verizon decided to call it the Droid Eris. Apparently, HTC really liked that name, because when they released the phone that was code named the Bravo, they officially released it as the HTC Desire.

    I am 100% sure that when HTC says that the Desire should see a FroYo update in 2010, they are referring to the phone code named the Bravo, with the 1 GHz Snapdragon, AMOLED display, and trackpad, and they are not referring to our little device.
  8. mdeblaz

    mdeblaz Android Enthusiast

    either way, its ultimately comes down to Verizon pushing the update to our phone
  9. andrizoid

    andrizoid Android Expert

    nooooo. comes down to the devs porting it over...which they have :)
  10. refthemc

    refthemc Well-Known Member

    No one has ported a Desire rom yet, So I don't know if they would port a Froyo Desire rom.
  11. johnnyboy1549

    johnnyboy1549 Newbie

  12. rycheme

    rycheme Member

    Isn't Desire spelled backwards Erised?

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