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Doing a Good Deed for Today

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jdawg0024, Mar 31, 2010.

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    Nov 11, 2009

    Nov 11, 2009
    So Im at work today online at gizmodo.com when I come accross an article that tells you how to put the 2.1 update on Verizons Droid without waiting for the OTA. Well my co-worker was right there reading as well, and lets just say he is not tech savvy. He asked "Can you do it to my droid" and I said "Only if you had your USB cord" not thinking he did, but he ran out to his car and got it. So I downloaded the file and put it on his SD Card rebooted the phone while holding a button on the keyboard then I had to press 2 more buttons to get into recovery mode and BAM clicked on update.zip. 10 minutes later his phone was booted up and running 2.1 (2.1 Update1 as the phones firmware version lists it), and to make things worse I had to show him all of the new features that his phone just received. Just to let everyone know it wasnt that many;

    1. The Internet Browser now has pinch to zoom (we already have)
    2. It now has the new 3d gallery also with pinch to zoom (we already have pinch to zoom)
    3. Also received Live Wallpapers.

    What it didnt add was more homescreens (Still has only 3)

    I have rooted my phone before (back when I 1st got it in November) and put a custom ROM on it, but I had always had problems with the phone after. So I went back to completely stock and no root and do not have any problems with it now.(i.e. Battery Drain, MMS works perfect) I will be happy when we do get the update, whenever it comes.



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