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Dolphin Browser HD: 4/5 Good browser, but needs some work.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Hanneman101101, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Hanneman101101

    Thread Starter

    First, The browser is great for just simple web surfing, CNN, Gizmodo, FoxNews, etc. They all work great. One great thing about this browser is the mobile view setting. If you go to a web site that does not have a mobile version of there site. This will automatically correct it so that it fits on the screen. And the nice thing is that it looks good when it does it, all the links work and nothing looks out of place. Multitouch works great and is smooth and fluid. The tabbing is also very nice. You can pan through all your tabs and simply close or open a tab. The only real downsides to this browser are 1. This is a free app and there are ad's. 2. I had trouble with some of the add-ons in the browser. 3. If you ever shut the phone off, the browser will reset and any open pages that you had will be lost. make sure that you bookmark them of remember there name. In the end, untill Mozilla can get the bugs worked out of Fennec, In my opinion, this is the best browser out on the market right now.


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