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Dolphin Browser HD: Fast, intuitive, and extremely customizable.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iPenguin, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Dolphin Browser HD V2 brings significant improvements and reworking to the phone internet-surfing experience. We see the development of more add-on choices, change in UI interface, as well as a much needed speed boost. These updates easily make
    Dolphin HD V2 one of the most aesthetically-pleasing browsers for Android, while still being very functional. [Barcode image available below]
    One of the most notable improvements is a more seamless browsing experience. Anyone who has used Dolphin HD before knows although it offers numerous more options than the stock browser for Android, it suffered from slight lag. The newest update boasts a 2X speed increase though, and it has definitely been delivered. Tabbing windows, playing flash in the browser, and recognition of the gestures is smoother than before, and even pinch-to-zoom seems to keep up with your movements more-so.

    Part of the mass attraction of Dolphin HD was the integration of tabbed windows, and this has only been improved in this newest version. The user is still only limited to eight tabs, but whereas before most devices could barely handle four tabs without a drastic slow-down, now four or five tabs yields optimal results.


    Gesture and pinch-to-zoom navigation remain largely the same, with a slight improvement in the reaction of zooming to your movements.

    The UI for Dolphin HD V2 has seen dramatic modification, though. More dynamic add-ons have been provided for download, such as a more heavy integration of Google into your surfing experience, password remembering widgets, etc. One of my favorite new features is the ability to side-swipe and view a list of your bookmarks and most visited sites instead of (previously) having to go to settings. But unfortunately this action replaced the pull-out menu of your tabs in a thumb-nail view. It has now been relocated to the side toolbar, which you must open manually, and then pulling down the small tab. One now also has the option to view pages in full-screen, which is very welcomed considering Dolphin crams so much into a smaller area.


    Recap of original Dolphin Browser HD features:

    Tabs: press the plusses at the top of the browser to open up multiple tabs that can be conveniently viewed. Up to 8 tabs can be opened at one time.

    Thumbnail: option to close all tabs and open a single page, or to close all and exit the browser completely. Also provides option to add a new tab.

    Gestures: pinch-to-zoom, tap-to-zoom, and gesture-to-zoom support. Preinstalled commands can be executed on the screen by activating the gesture button, and allow one to quickly perform an action. Capable of creating own gestures or editing defaults.

    Customization: ability to install add-ons, such as Google add-ons or color themes. The benefits range from simply making browser more pleasant to view, to Youtube/Gmail, etc. integration.

    Pros and Cons of the new Dolphin Browser HD V2


    Add-ons to more fit YOU

    Gestures and multi-touch streamline browsing

    HUGE speed improvement

    Better 2.2 FROYO support and better Flash rendering

    Full-screen page option


    Only supported on Android 2.0 devices or higher, although 1.5 and 1.6 devices do have the option to use the older Dolphin Browser

    Location of the thumb-nail drawer makes it more inconvenient to use



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    Jun 30, 2010

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