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Dolphin Browser

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DTIGER15, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. DTIGER15

    DTIGER15 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    How many people will switch to the dolphin browser over the default one that comes on the phone. Now that the dolphin has pinch to zoom think i gonna change over to it. Anyone have pros and cons...?

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  2. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    I've been playing with it this morning...the pinch to zoom is practically dysfunctional (unless that actually is what some people just seem to rave about). Every swipe with my fingers zooms me in or out LESS than one touch of the Zoom Out button in the default browser...it definitely takes more work to use pinch to zoom.

    The browser also seems to have a bug where it doesn't want to let me zoom out more than it defaulted to with the Fit to Screen setting.
  3. Roroco

    Roroco Well-Known Member

    I tried it. While the pinch zoom was decent, I found I missed double tapping too much. That and a few other nits (address bar does not disappear when you scroll down, and the resolution looks bad in the Droid) made me quickly uninstall it.

    I don't mind the stock browser at all, but I will be giddy when Firefox finally releases Fennec on the Droid. That browser looks slick.
  4. ejlax

    ejlax Newbie

    In the settings of the browser, turn off the auto fit and the zoom browsing works better. At least i noticed a marked improvement after altering this setting. I have been using this browser exclusively since changing this setting.
  5. Telexen

    Telexen Well-Known Member

    I just turned off Auto-Fit...and it didn't seem to do anything - at all. It still auto-fit pages, and pinch zooming is still a huge PITA.

    It's basically impossible to zoom out to the full page. You get close and the stupid thing bounces back to zoomed.

    I'll give it a few days, but I don't see myself keeping this browser.

    I'm just holding off for Firefox anyway.
  6. admorris

    admorris Member

    I found this browser quite buggy and uninstalled after an hour or so of playing with it. Pinch zoom seemed to work/not work when it felt like it...I am quite happy with the stock browser. My Pre had the multitouch browser, and even with that small screen I rarely used it over a six month period. More gimmicky than anything I think.
  7. droidpcguru

    droidpcguru Android Enthusiast

    I found it to be buggy as well, but if the YouTube capture works well, I will keep it as a secondary browser.
  8. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    The pinch zoom doesn't seem to be as good as the pinch zoom on the iPhone browser. Even then, I can't stand pinch zoom and find it obnoxious. I don't understand the rabid fascination with it. I love the double tap zoom; it's simple, and I haven't had a single issue with it yet.

    So to answer your original question, no, I will not be switching browsers.
  9. TonyG

    TonyG Well-Known Member

    Two days ago I installed the latest Dolphin browser version, tried it a bit, decided to uninstall--and doing that just essentially bricked my Droid. No app that needs a browser runs, the Droid became extremely sluggish, gets stuck with a black screen all the time.

    The bulid-in browser cannot be launched, so there is no way to update/upgrade the device over the air or through a USB.

    Who the hell released this crap? Is there a way out of this hell w/o going to the Verizon store?
  10. iamloco724

    iamloco724 Android Enthusiast

    thats weird because i did the same thing i installed it played with it for a few min didnt feel i wanted to bother with it uninstalled it and ive been fine..another thing i do after i install things or uinstall certain things i always reboot my phone after like you would a pc..i feel it helps flush out potential problems
  11. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    I downloaded it and tried it out. It seemed like it wasn't quite ready to me. I uninstalled it and have had no problems. I did not reboot right then but I do shut my phone down every night so it has been rebooted many times.
  12. aximtreo

    aximtreo Member

    Did you try the soft reset; shift, alt, delete. This might get you out of the problems you are having.:cool:
  13. TonyG

    TonyG Well-Known Member

    That sequence does nothing... Took picture of all my 100+ apps and will do a factory reset; we'll see what happens. Next step: buy a backup app. ;-)

    How does one do a hard reset? Quickly looked through the menus, but did not notice anything relevant...
  14. Mipmap

    Mipmap Newbie

    I am still waiting for the android version of Firefox.
  15. Dave17

    Dave17 Member

    I have been testing the Dolphin browser and have had no troubles with it. I really like some of its features and have switched to it for my default browser.

    For those who don't like the multi-touch implementation, you can turn on the original zoom button within the settings.
  16. MisterEff

    MisterEff Android Enthusiast

    I like the tabs, I am a firefox guy.
  17. TonyG

    TonyG Well-Known Member

    So, as somebody has suggested, I unchecked the Google file synching (to prevent any loss of contact data, although I think that would not happen as the data sits on Goggle servers), took pictures of all 3 home screens and all my apps (hmmm... over 120...), did a factory reset, reactivated the phone with Verizon, installed all my apps except for the Dolphin crap--and I'm back in excellent shape again.

    Can somebody suggest a good app that would provide a full program and data backup for the Droid?
  18. Dave17

    Dave17 Member

    TonyG -- I assume that you're on the Motorola Droid, so I'm guessing that there's a conflict with one of your other apps. Not saying that this excuses your experience with Dolphin (and I am not a shill for the company). I'm just curious why your experience would be so much different than mine. I still haven't had a single force close and this browser has been able to handle everything that I've thrown at it so far. I don't have nearly as many aftermarket apps installed as you--maybe 20 or 25 tops.

    Good luck finding a replacement.
  19. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    dolphin has tabs, multitouch, and the ability to set user agent. the native browser... works fine.

    dolphin: 3
    native browser: 0

    2,000,000 points to the first browser with adblocking.

    edit: p.s. latest update makes tabs look a bit better on droid.

  20. lvlln

    lvlln Member

    The pinch-zoom could barely be called functional. It lacks the precision required to make it useful, instead locking it to pre-set zoom levels. And by ditching the double-tap zoom altogether instead of keeping it, the Dolphin browser has made navigating and zooming around a page even worse than in the default browser.

    And the constant mis-reading of flicks to zooming makes the Dolphin nothing more than a neat little toy for now. At least until the developer works through these issues.
  21. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    hmm pinch-zoom doesn't seem locked to preset levels to me. although i do agree that double-tap works fine too.
  22. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    The pinch zoom is a gimic as it zooms in increments like the + - buttons so it is not accurate. You can tell this by the fact that it continues to zoom in or out a bit after you stop pinching. It is not smooth pinch zoom. You also can't use it with auto fit text so either you turn it off and the text is not reformatted to the screen ( you need to scroll right and left to read text)or the screen reformats after you pinch so it doesn't zoom into to where you pinched. Try pinch zooming a picture from a large size to a small size with auto fit on.

    The tabs are nice though. I also like how you can shrink all the tabs to 50 percent and swipe through them
  23. oceanlight

    oceanlight Android Enthusiast

    btw, did you turn autofit off? i detect no preset increments while pinch zooming, unline the double-tap.

  24. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    Go into settings on the browser, then scroll to the bottom and hit system settings.

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