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I am trying to add my work email address to my new phone. Where can I find the domain for microsoft outlook?
The domain is the part of the email address to the right of the @. IOW, myaddress@mail.mycompany.com, the domain is mail.mycompany.com (or mycompany.com if it's just the domain they want and not the email domain. "Domain" is a tricky word. .com is also a domain.)

Most of the time, in a phone email app you just put in the email server address, not any part of the domain, as such. And you can find server addresses (and the other information you;ll need) for almost all major email services by just searching for them on the web. (Microsoft Outlook is an app. it doesn't habe a domain of its own - you need your email address to determine the domain of the email service.)
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