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Don't believe the hype- you need 2 task killers

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CBLJazz, May 29, 2010.

  1. CBLJazz

    CBLJazz Member
    Thread Starter

    I pre ordered the ALLY for my wife Monday and she received it thursday.
    By this morning it was functioning like Betty White! and she was getting a lot of error messages about memory.

    So slow i was going to return it.
    I took it to the vzw store and now i'm a true believer in task killers.

    Up to now i've been a member of the 'no task killer necessary' club.
    Well the vzw tech tech put installed 2 task killers and the phone is blazing again.

    1. Auto task killer- he disabled all of the apps on ATK1 that she uses often (email, messaging, etc...)

    2. Advanced task killer- those above apps still need the ability to be killed so the automatically enter ATK2

    If you have an ally that has slowed like ours- do the above.

    BTW, he is a droid owner like me (unrooted) and put the same stuff on my phone and it's faster too!

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  2. rfek

    rfek Lurker

  3. Legion

    Legion Well-Known Member

    Utter and complete, the ally's are actually pretty zippy, they use the same processor as the Moto Droid. One task killer to rule them all if any. Usually there is one app in particular that is the culprit, just need to be a little more aware of whats consuming your resources. In my case my Droid just inexplicably became ten times slower and come to find out the Wiimote_ime was starting at boot and slowing the whole system down. Disable it at start and Im back to normal.
  4. d3310n

    d3310n Android Enthusiast

  5. j2cool2012

    j2cool2012 Android Enthusiast


    Motorola DROID specs

    "Processor: Single-Core 600MHz, TI OMAP3430"
  6. db2u

    db2u Well-Known Member

    The Ally has a Qualcomm MSM7xxx series doesnt it? I was under impression that it is completely different revisions of the ARM core.
  7. srozzman

    srozzman Newbie

    Correct - Full LG Ally Specs Released

    "MSM7627, 600MHz processor"

    EDIT: Still agree that task killers are bad, though. If you need more speed, root, custom rom, and supercharge it
  8. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Android Expert

    What reason was thread over a year old, brought back from the dead?
  9. ShawnMichael

    ShawnMichael Well-Known Member

    Girls Girls. Its just a phone. Dont get your undies in a bunch.

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