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Dont buy this phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by xclr82xtc, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    wait till the 4.3 inch screen comes...it will be here eventually. glad my upgrade isnt till july.

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  2. Droidus

    Droidus Well-Known Member

    There is a large amount of people dont that need/want a screen that big.
  3. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i know...but if they dont buy it, then there will be more pressure for verizon to distribute a phone for those of us that do.... *evil music plays* lol besides there is other phones that are almost as good as this one. probably gonna be underclocked anyways, so might as well get the eris...ya digg?
  4. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    I don't really care for the 4.3 in screen. I'm fine with just a 3.7 in screen.
  5. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    did you even read what i said? jeez
  6. MonmouthDroid

    MonmouthDroid Well-Known Member

    Ya true. Unless you want free voice nav, a bigger screen, more memory, bigger free memory card, a physical keyboard (i never use mine but my wife uses hers exlusively), or any apps that need android 1.6 or higher. Oh, and also if you don't mind having to wait for htc to release your updates.
    Other than that, ya, you may as well get an eris.
  7. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    lol..your missing the point

    this is a thread all about me. i want a 4.3 inch screen, therefore no one can buy a passion lol

    i was trying to be funny..but never mind.
  8. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    Try harder.

    I won't buy it, until it's released, then watch out baby.
  9. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    I know.. I was just saying.



    I will say this. 4.3in-screen=dead battery. If ppl are already ticked about the Eris battery this is only going to get worse.
  11. tats_06

    tats_06 Android Enthusiast

    Yep and its only 1400mah. :)

  12. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    I've been "not buying a phone" since June 2008 when my NE2 credit was available. I'll have to pass on "not buying" the Passion. I'm already on borrowed time with my razr about to turn 4 years old. :cool:


    I feel your pain. Truthfully I didn't know Razors lasted that long? I had a lot of friends that barely got through a year with that phone.
  14. AndroidsOfTara

    AndroidsOfTara Android Enthusiast

    I recently used a five something year old Verizon V3C for a few months. Aside from the truly awful Verizon interface and crippled Bluetooth, the phone itself isn't bad. It seems well constructed.

    The last Moto phone I had before the Razr and now the Droid was an E815 which I thought was excellent.
  15. FunkyBoss

    FunkyBoss Well-Known Member

    My current phone is still the the E815, which is starting to act flaky unfortunately. But I'm going to try and hold out with this thing until the Passion is released. :D
  16. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    The razr rocks for phone calls, sucks for everything else. It ate it's first battery after about 26 months...not bad. It's now eating the second battery after about 18 months which may be due to me picking up a cheap batter that wasn't really a Motorola battery, though it's labeled as so. Agree that the software interface sucks. It's that "one size fits all" cartoonish Verizon software that every phone had. My understand is the Motorola UI was much nicer.
  17. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    so stop bein cheap and buy a couple extra batteries lol
  18. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Android Expert

    The Droid is a large phone, and I think getting any bigger than this would be offsetting. Especially as I'd really like to get the Passion for my g/f. She's def turned off by the size of the Droid, and I really think a lot of women will feel the same. And if the name will be Passion, than they'll be the target base.
  19. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    the hd2 is bigger than the droid, but alot thinner and more comfortable.

    i want an hd2 variant on verizon....period.
  20. whitey522

    whitey522 Newbie

    Women are the target base because it's called the passion
  21. Who the heck wants a 4.3" screen on a PHONE?? Not me.

    4.3" screen BAD idea. Does not fit into your pocket and you have to have a mini laptop bag to carry it around. TOO FUNNY!!! LOLZ!!!!!!
  22. johflo88

    johflo88 Well-Known Member

    @xclr82xtc:you took the words out of my mouth!I would carry 2or3 batteries if the phone 4.3 screen is awesome and the phone too. People, this not an Iphone that control what you CAN do with it because Steve J. is watching. Wait till you come to changing the battery on the iphone (god forbade) $100.00 freight for a week.
    That's what I like about Android, CUSTOMIZITION!!...........and more.
  23. xclr82xtc

    xclr82xtc Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    4.3 inch screen is awesome. dont knock on it till you try it. i have to have a phone that does everything. if i was at a computer all day maybe not, but im a student and part time job and all that. i need a hd2. i mean you bit ch and moan about battery life. how much is a car charger? how much is an extra battery? so you leave a battery in your car or something. the hd2 battery isnt THAT bad unless your on your phone constantly.
  24. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    To the OP, looks like you'll get your wish. I won't be buying this phone because it appears Verizon isn't getting it.
  25. TheNorthernForest

    TheNorthernForest Android Enthusiast


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