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Dont let these people selling their triumph bum you down

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by danny310, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. danny310

    danny310 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The triumph is not a bad phone once you install a stable rom and they're the ones who are gonna be losing once they have to pay $45-80 for their plan. you cant get much better than $25 a month :)

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  2. marcusi23

    marcusi23 Well-Known Member

    i don't think people are selling the triumph because its a bad phone, because its not and they all know and so do everyone else know that installing a stable rom makes the phone even better.the reason people r selling there phone is because the lack of response from motorola and VM for fixes for the phone. and the poor data speed some r having. and now people r figuring out that they can go to tmobile or straight talk for nearly the same plan pricing with better phones and service and on tmobile side 4g speeds.
  3. don2775

    don2775 Member

    Don't agree...I have great connection speed and no need to "fix" my phone..if people wouldn't mess with them.. i.e, trying to get more speed or better data conections maybe they would be happier IT"S A PHONE REMEMBER!!! maybe that's why you are having problems!!!.. BTW "rooting" what's the need???..I just have the standard phone, don't have problems with data speed (why try to have lightning fast speed..impatient maybe?) everyone is trying to get better and faster. I'm paying 25.00a month for a great quality phone and cell service, lets see in a year who spends more..
    BTW straight talk is tracphone ..who wants that!!
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  4. gabe603

    gabe603 Newbie

    After I put CM7 the phone works great, the service is better than TMobile (I payed around $ 500 to get out of the family contract, my phone was the Tap , enough said) and one day when ICS will be available (thanks to mantera) the triumph will be almost perfect....
  5. g01851

    g01851 Well-Known Member

  6. pngwolffman

    pngwolffman Member

    I love the phone. But the attitude that I'm getting from virgin mobile isn't making me happy. I spent 300 dollars on a phone that should have been passionately supported by Virgin. But It's been ignored. Only now their talking about releasing an official GB update, when people are wanting ICS. And when I do want to upgrade to a newer Virgin phone, I HAVE to pay 35 instead of my 25 dollar plan.

    Like the phone, dislike the service. If i switch to T-Mobile, I'm thinking of keeping my Triumph and using it as an mp3 player or as a 'home phone' using GrooveIP.
  7. g01851

    g01851 Well-Known Member

    You are grandfathered in to the 25/mo plan... you shouldn't have to change if you upgrade?
  8. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    Any phones released after 5/27/12 will change your plan to $35/month. Any phones released prior to that date (I.e. Triumph, Optimus Slider) will keep you on $25.
  9. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Android Expert

    yeah, i didnt sell mine because i didnt like it... i went for faster data speeds and better quality service.

    if i was to rank the triumph, i would call it a high end single core phone.
  10. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    There are numerous reasons for rooting, ie: Titanium Backup, removing bloatware, getting rid of the mysteriously growing log files once and for all, and last but not least the ability to make nandroid backups from custom recovery. Oh and I almost forgot the way super cool skull and crossbones icon for Superuser. :p
  11. soundping

    soundping Well-Known Member

    I just got tired of the MT screen not responding half of the time.

    Now with ICS on my new htc amaze it's like upgrading to a girlfriend with big boobs. There's so much more to touch... :D
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  12. markzombie82

    markzombie82 Android Enthusiast


  13. OMG LOL funniest quote of the day :p
  14. shiv81

    shiv81 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I will be switching to Republic Wireless soon. $19 Unlimited everything. VM is $55 unlimited everything with crappy stock Triumphs. Sure, customs roms improve it, but you miss out on features that were on stock. Republic wireless comes with Cyanogenmod installed STOCK. You should look at their website: republicwireless.com
  15. 1337sause

    1337sause Newbie

    I'm running on T-Mobile now with a galaxy Nexus and pulling 9000kbps download and 6000 kbps upload with a 5 GB soft cap, unlimited messages, and 100 minutes. SO, SO, SO MUCH BETTER than the triumph, and I had it for almost six months. $25/month isn't worth it when the most you're pulling on a fortunate day is 500kbp up and 200 kbps down, and the majority of the time it's 100-200kbps down and <100 kbps up. Mind you, I'm in the L.A area, so you can't get better than that for coverage testing. Triumph can suck it :)

  16. Android1993

    Android1993 Well-Known Member

    I agree with you that the Triumph isn't a bad phone, the whole installing a stable rom thing isn't even necessary. The phone was good for the 8 months I owned it with stock being used as my main rom for approximately 7 and a half months, the other roms just never really performed much better than stock, which I had already gotten used to. Now the part about us losing because we're paying a bit more is probably an area you have no business or experience to touch on. Only someone who hasn't tried another credible service would make a statement like that, I promise you that. I'm currently with Straight Talk, paying $45 a month using an LG Thrill 4G. Not only does my phone perform better at a cheaper price than what I originally paid for my Triumph, more than $100 cheaper, but my service, no matter where I'm at, is always near excellent. Download speeds all over 1mbps no matter when I do a speedtest, roaming on multiple networks so I'm never getting dropped calls, no service issues whatsoever. Another thing, not everyone is paying $25 a month, I was paying $35 a month, so the $10 difference going from a service most would rate under 5/10, to a service I rate 9/10 is not losing at all. I understand you love your phone, and I'm going to guess you just purchased it recently based upon your "love for it". Give it a test drive for as long as I and most others have, then upgrade your phone and tell me how you feel about this thread.
  17. jaimesco

    jaimesco Newbie

    The MT isn't a bad device but it is definitely not a great phone I made the switch to amaze 4g with 30 dollar T-Mobile plan 5GB of 4g unlimited txt and 100 minutes.totally worth the extra 5 bucks
  18. sounreal

    sounreal Android Enthusiast

    Do any of you that think the Motorola Triumph is good phone do any of you actually play game or do you blame the touch screen back key and home hey on your fat fingers? Only buy this phone if you dont play games and you can get it for less then $120.

    And dont get me started with data speeds and dropped calls.
  19. thebryceee

    thebryceee Android Expert

    I like this phone. Hate the poor data speeds.
  20. gabe603

    gabe603 Newbie

    I don't know what part of L.A. you are but I can guaranteed you that in Santa Monica except for the LAX area their speed is a wonderful 1x and I was with Tmobile for over 8 years 'till last summer
    BTW extremely happy with Virgin and the Triumph is a good phone (not perfect) and 100 minutes on TMO only? another way for them to try to charge you extra (with AT & T they are pros on charging extra on monthly bills)
  21. mllk

    mllk Newbie

    Did you remove the 2nd screen protector? I was in the same boat until I removed it. After removing it, is very responsive.
  22. JarGnex

    JarGnex Member

    I've been thinking about getting either the galaxy nexus or s2 and after reading all these post I'm better with my mt :p
  23. droopies

    droopies Member

    The phone is a steaming pile of you know what. It's like one of the Kardashian girls. The specs and packaging are enthralling but once you get to know it, it is shallow and full of half truths and lies.

    The processor/memory are what keep me going with it. I don't use a ton of apps, but some a pretty processor intensive. What is killing me is this is the 2nd Triumph I had. The first one had the headphone jack fail. It would say the headphones were in for DAYS after they were removed. Other than bluetooth there was no way to TALK on the damn phone. The PHONE part of it hasn't been too bad but the antenna sucks.

    BUT, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS. OMG. Where to start. I rooted after 1 week because these sucked so back stock. It was a little better with CM7 and MIUI but the bluetooth drove me nuts because some times it would just REFUSE to connect to my truck's JVC headunit no matter what unless I gave up and rebooted the phone. I have tried CM9 for 2 days and I thought it was doing better until I cut the grass. WALKING the mower the bt headphones would cut IN and OUT as my stride. My bt headphone receiver was clipped on my shirt...about nipple high and my phone in my right pocket. Then after about 20 minutes it would disconnect....and reconnect and finally wouldn't reconnect.

    Luckily I only paid $149 for mine but even if I had paid $299 why do people make excuses for this phone, Motorola and VM?

    This is a microcosm of what is wrong in this country today. Everyone complains that they are out of work and no one buys American. I was excited to by a MOTOROLA phone. But for as big a piece a dog dookie this is, I'd rather cut out the middle man and buy this cheap piece of junk directly from Communist China. At least I wouldn't have high expectations.

    I found out they are about to cut our cell reimbursement thru work and give us phones...I was pissed when it was brought up, but I am so happy now. I will never BUY a Motorola phone again and I will probably NOT come back to Virgin Mobile.

    In this day and age it is unthinkable that some smart device...PC, MAC, Android, iOS can come up and not have ONE SINGLE update in a full year. Every bit of code ever written has a bug or two in it. It's not a sign of incompetence, it's a fact. It's not an embarrassment to release a patch or two. But it is a sign of the disdain that Motorola and VM have for their customers that we have been allowed to spend collectively this much money for a phone that frankly shouldn't have been released to the public. It is not ready now and wasn't ready then and probably NEVER will be fixed.

    When I get a new phone, this one will go back in the box and I'll stick it in the closet next to the 2 boxes that have WINDOWS MILLENNIUM in them.

    I'm sorry if I offend anyone (Except VM or Motorola employees) by this rant. But this isn't some NFL or NHL team we're ROOTING for. It's a product. It was produced by a FOR PROFIT company sold to another FOR PROFIT company and foisted off on innocent suckers....US. Why would anyone want to defend them. EVEN if YOU are the one person who has never had a bluetooth drop, or the signal suck so bad you can't get 14kbs downloads or the headphone jack mess up, the overwhelming amount of evidence and testimony to the contrary should tell you there is something wrong in Denmark.
    And if you don't ever use bluetooth, YOU can't say there's no problem with this phone. If the telephone radio messed up as bad as the 3G, GPS or Bluetooth, I doubt anyone would take up for VM and MT.

    The only left in this county that can really make a difference in a company's products is customer service. I had a great experience with VM when my phone broke, but other than that VM and MT can take this phone and my future business and suckit.
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  24. Jawshewah

    Jawshewah Member

    I have to pay 45 for mine...I got bumped up too
  25. 1337sause

    1337sause Newbie

    You probably owned a phone with a poor antenna. Either that or T-Mobile's network wasn't as good then as it is now. I go to UCLA and I frequent the Santa Monica area on a weekly basis and I've never pulled less than three bars out of four throughout the entire area. My speeds even reached 12000kbps down / 6000kbps up by the third street promenade.
    here's nothing like having your Facebook feed populate INSTANTLY, load android forums in less than 5 seconds, or stream 720p video without ever having to re-buffer. I could have gone mad trying to see YouTube on the triumph, or even load basic web pages without having to wait an excess of 30 seconds.


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