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May 9, 2017
I have no idea why the camera of this Samsung Galaxy A02s has a kind of haze. When I go to take a shot of something or make a video, it looks as if an angel's about to land. It would probably be pretty good for a Christmas pageant, but kinda lame most of the time. I sure would like to know how to fix it. By the way, can I make it open on video instead of photo? Can the timeout be changed as it can for how long the screen stays lit?
The obvious reasons for a haze would be dirty lens or internal reflections in the lens (generally only an issue when shooting too close to the sun), but I assume you've already checked the lens is clean. It would be easier to guess what's wrong if you could post an example or two.
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The Galaxy A02s is a bottom-tier Samsung smartphone. It's the second generation of the A0x branding, with the first numeral being the tier, 0 being bottom end, with higher numbers being higher end, and the second numeral being the generation, 2 being second gen, after the A01, and the A03s being the third. I have no clue what 's' stands for.

That said, I played with one for a while, and the cameras aren't sealed from the elements (the case is plastic and carries zero IP rating). They can tend to get dust inside them, as well as the screen of the phone itself, which causes hazy/foggy photos. Another case of 'you get what you pay for'
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