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Don't Want To Pay 100$ Data Cancelation Fee?

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by Brendanmurphy, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Nov 23, 2009

    Nov 23, 2009
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    I recently canceled my rogers contract and jumped to telus due to my data being shut off even thow i now had the magic and had the latest update and the WOW factor of the Milestone :D.

    I got my bill from rogers the other day and to my surprise there was a 100$ data cancelation fee on top of the 400 and 30 days more of my bill :mad: even thow i cut it off before the next billing cycle but i will work on getting that removed as i still have 2 other phone with them.

    So i called into customer relations and explained the situation. 1st customer service agent hung up on me. 2nd said there was nothing she could do. So i called again and got this lady who was extremely nice and did everything in her power as a customer service agent ( Rule #1 always keep the customer happy ) and i explained to her my data was on and off again even after the update and using the magic and the tech support agents refused to do network refreshes after the 2nd day. She put me on hold for about 10 mins and came back and said i have waived your data cancelation fee due to you not being able to access it.

    This is the 1st time i have actually been pleased with rogers. Im happily with telus now and i even got 50% off my 1st bill without even asking because they had a network outage for maintenance last week. Just thought i would let you guys know just incase your wanting to switch and you don't want to pay the data fee just explain this to them and they should waive the fee no problem.


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