Doodle Fit now on Market!!!


Android Enthusiast
Doodle Fit is now available on Market. This game comes from the ios which some how I never heard of till now which is odd considering how great the game is. Doodle Fit is similar in looks to the game Slice It but its actually the opposite. Instead of slice up various shapes your actually fit various shape together. On paper it might not sound as fun but I actually find the game more fun overall then lining up lines just right to get that perfect slice or you might just make an extra shape that 0.01% in size (I always hated when that happens). The game has over 100 levels with 250 different solutions for replay value. The game looks absolutely amazing on my Evo and the gameplay is perfect.

Bottomline: This is a game I think everyone can and should enjoy. Pick up the free full version with ads or spend a measly $1.26 and show the developer some support for the coming to our world. Its sad but I'm surprised this game offers an ad-free version many developers have come over in the past and screwed us with an ad-only version. Nice to see a change, but I think a lot of that's fixing to change real soon for various reasons. Enjoy!!!

[Free Ad-Version]

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