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Dosbox help!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by filip989, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. filip989

    filip989 Newbie
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    Hi everyone!

    I'm a new android user, I have my phone for a day now (HTC Desire C) and Dosbox really puzzles me. I hope I'm not doing anything bad by opening a new thread, but I couldn't find a similar one, so here it goes.

    First of all - I looked for tutorials, but I couldn't find one that gave me all the answers. I got Dosbox Turbo - and I can't pull the keyboard up. I slide the screen from bottom up and nothing happens. Then I got Andosbox and the keyboard's working. I found Warcraft 2, cause that's what I want to play, but I didn't download it yet. I don't know if I need to get anything else? (let's just focus on Andosbox unless someone can tell me how to get the keyboard working)
    I saw some andzip, or something like that, apps in some of the tutorials, but now I need a bit of guidance - when I download WC2 (and that zip app if I need it and I believe I do), what to do next?
    Bear in mind, please, that I'm a new user overall, so I still have some troubles getting around on my phone.

    Thanks for all the help you could give me!

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