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Double lock screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Vinnymac1, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Vinnymac1

    Vinnymac1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Not sure how to explain this. But I added a pattern security on my gs7 edge and for some reason I still have to swipe then do patternpattern. Can't figure out wtf!

  2. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    I would also like to know why I have to swipe the screen before I enter my pin number, on previous Samsung phones it was only one or the other, if I had pin enter it would come up with pin enter not swipe screen then pin enter, is this another mistake from Samsung on there new phones I wonder. any advice would be useful.
  3. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    My wife has the S6 Edge + and it does not do a double unlock, it goes straight to pin enter so there is something wrong somewhere with the S7?
  4. Rich_NY

    Rich_NY Well-Known Member

    Wake phone with power or home buttons. JUST HOLD YOUR FINGER ON HOME BUTTON, DON'T PRESS...will open to home page. (register fingerprints first). YOU WON'T HAVE TO SWIPE!
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  5. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    Not quite the point were making, you have to swipe before you get to the next level of security say pin entry or fingerprint entry ect.

    Just got off the phone to Samsung help and they say its in the Marshmallow software and all phones will have this and any upgrades to the operating system will had this two levels, I was told it was due to people accidentally entering the wrong pin number ect in there pockets and by adding the swipe to unlock this should reduce this issue and allow people to use there phones without accidentally locking them or entering the incorrect code too many times in there pocket.

    In one was I can see this reason but in another I could say there are other ways to stop this.

    It is not something you can remove or turn off as its software with the Marshmellow not hardware issue.
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  6. Vinnymac1

    Vinnymac1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I use gloves at work this won't work for me
  7. Vinnymac1

    Vinnymac1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Well this sucks!
  8. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    I agree its going backwards to sort out others issues and causing more issues.
  9. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    If the fingerprint security option is enabled, there is no swipe required.
    All I do is place the appropriate finger on the button and press in one motion. It instantly opens up to the home screen.
    However, I purposely tried using a finger that has not been entered, and at that point I had to swipe before reentering the correct finger and/or pin. It could very well be that your print is not being read properly the first time.

    Obviously this does not help users that would prefer to use gestures and/or pin.
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  10. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    I am only using pin entry. I have to swipe first to get to the pin entry screen.
  11. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    The other dumb thing is that they have kept the double home button to laugh the camera from the lock screen, so they are happy you can accidentally double tap the home button and launch the camera in your pocket but not for pin entry and I am sure 99% of people use cases now a days anyway so it sounds pretty lame as an excuse as to why you have double entry.
  12. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I just use a swipe-to-open on my phones.
    For me,the security locks are a PITA that I'd rather not deal with.
    When I get the S7 Edge on 3/11/16,I sure hope I don't have to "Double-swipe".......................... :goofydroid: :paperbagdroid: :D
  13. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    For the first day of use, I had no security enabled and all it took was a swipe or a home button press to start.
    Incidentally, just a personal opinion, the fingerprint feature is so much better that it is the equivalent off pressing the home button to unlock the phone. I don't even notice that it is there.
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  14. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    I do like the home button screen-on feature,it's (almost) a suitable replacement for LG's Double-Tap-To-Wake..........
  15. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    if you turn off all security then no you do not have to swipe to unlock.
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  16. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    My bad. I stand corrected. Seven lashes and a shot of single malt.
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  17. Nick The Great

    Nick The Great Well-Known Member

    I noticed and was annoyed by this as well. Prompted me to go the fingerprint route, which is slick anyway.

    Doesn't help the glove issue, though.
  18. JKS7

    JKS7 Lurker

    Don't be silly I was not replying to you, it no issue but the single malt sounds like a great idea.

    Just common sense would state that why not add it as an option, for people who accidently do have issues with there phone in there pocket they can click on an option that says you have this double feature and for others we can turn this off but I guess as advanced as the people are who do the software sometimes common sense would help.

    Just wish they would see posts like this one and think, hay that's a great idea and do an update to cover this issue as I am sure there are hundreds or thousands of people like us who are not happy to have a double screen unlike issue and when they do upgrades to Marshmallow there will be more.
  19. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    I just go ahead and have that malt. One lash and seven Malts right?
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  20. usualantics

    usualantics Newbie

    Ok hopefully someone will know why this is happening but for some reason my s7 has a swipe unlock screen before the pattern unlock screen. Is there a way of turning the first screen off so when I wake it up it goes straight to the pattern like the previous models? It's really annoying to the point I might send it back and stick with my s5
  21. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ±

    Hiya @usualantics !
    I saw there was another thread with others having the same issue/question you have, so I merged your thread into it.
    Hope this helps!
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  22. tarponbeach

    tarponbeach Android Enthusiast

    I tried the fingerprint lock, but I was too inconsistent in swiping my print...took 2 or 3 times. So, I enabled the pattern lock, and also enabled SmartLock. I tied Smartlock to my Home address, Work Address, Watch, and Bluetooth in my car. So, when I'm wearing my watch, or in the car, or home, or at the office, the phone unlocks just by swiping. If I leave the phone somewhere other than the aforementioned places, or it gets separated from my watch, a pattern is the only way to unlock.

    I also use a 3rd party pattern app lock program to secure apps like PayPal, Banking, etc.
  23. Snakeyeskm

    Snakeyeskm Android Expert

    You might be using a figure of speech, if so ignore me. But the fingerprint reader on the Galaxy S7 edge is a simple static press down and not a swipe. It works superbly and very reliably. If you are "swiping" then it will react inconsistently.
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  24. usualantics

    usualantics Newbie

    So if I set up the smart lock it will get rid of the first lock screen? The edge is all packed up ready to go back so of this is the case I may keep it
  25. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Jesus I can't believe people would reject a phone because they may have to swipe twice IF they use specific settings. Just setup the fingerprints, done! Gloves, take one off, job done! Lazy! :D
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