double notifcation of same email


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just got a lg G3 (at&t) i have two email accounts (1) Gmail my primary /default and (1) yahoo account. problem i am getting is when i get a email i am getting doubles of the same email one has the gmail icon the other has the stock email icon in the notification bar ... how do i fix this??


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Assuming that you want to pick up all your emails with the gmail app.

Using a PC and gmail in a browser, configure your gmail account to pick up your yahoo mail. On your phone you then dont need to have your stock email app configured or in use at all. At the least go into the stock email app and disable the notifications in the app settings.

(I guess you already have gmail configured to pick up your yahoo mail or this wouldn't happen)

I you want yahoo emails on the stock app and emails sent to your gmail account in the gmail app, you need to use gmail settings (on a pc) to stop gmail from picking up your yahoo account emails.



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Robert7017, it looks like you setup both your stock Android email app as well as the gmail app installed and configured to retrieve your gmail emails. Either do what Girolez, suggested and go into the stock email app and turn off notifications that would allow you to only receive notifications from the gmail app. Or go into the stock email app and remove your gmail account from the setup and only have your yahoo account setup there, if that's where it's setup also. Hope this helps.