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Double SMS notifications...aarrrrghhh!!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MiRaGe, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    Hello guys!
    I installed Handcent sms and even I stopped default sms notification and forced stop to the default client itself, I still receive two sms notifications on status bar. Had to disable the one notification supported by Handcent and now is only the default one on which when I click- the Handcent client appears. Once I quit from Handcent, the icon is still on status bar, altough I've read the sms and have to close it via "close notifications" button...very annoying..
    How to get rid the default sms notification?

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  2. darrinaltman

    darrinaltman Well-Known Member

    You must still have the notification for sms on the Messages app? When you get the two notifications - tapping on one opens Handcent and the other opens what? That app must be the one with the notifications also enabled.
  3. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    Both of them go into Handcent sms. Very strange.,
  4. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Well, if Handcent is your default messaging app, it should launch any message, even if the notification came from elsewhere. I can't figure out why you're still getting the default app notifications though if you turned them off in settings. Are you sure it saved properly? Maybe the app crashed or something and the setting was reverted?
  5. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    Nope, everything seems to be just fine, there is no tick for notifications in the default one, succesfuly stopped service after that and still this notifications..
  6. JustSuds

    JustSuds Lurker

    I think the problem he is having, in more detail, is that no matter what settings you disable, the stock sms app still gives sms notifications.

    I have the same problem, everything relating to notifications in the message settings is turned off, yet every time i get an sms, I get two notification noises, and two icons. (I can turn the handcent one off, but not the stock app's notifications).

    If you disable the handcent notifications, you only get the stock app's note. But, even after you read the message, the icon persists, saying "you have 0 unread messages" till you clear the notifications.

    I would prefer to disable the stock app's notifications, but for some reason this is impossible. (the settings are there, but whether the boxes are checked or not, the notification still comes).

    Initially, i would have blamed Handcent, but after a few hours of research, and finding other threads with people having the same problems, but with a range of sms apps; I'm more inclined to blame Cyanogen. But even then, there are inconsistencies, some poeple werent using CM. So, this could be an issue right up the line to google devs.

    So far I havent found a solution, other than to wipe the phone (removing the os entirely) and flashing the os from scratch. But that only solved the problem for a few weeks, when it just started happening again out of fat air.

    Almost everytime someone posts this problem, they get three responses saying "go into the settings and disable notifications" . . . But it DOESNT WORK.

    I'm be interested in a real solution, to this real problem. lol. As opposed to "youre stupid, there is no problem".
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  7. MiRaGe

    MiRaGe Member
    Thread Starter

    Exactly! Absolutely same behavior here. Well said!
    I can live with it, also found that only wipe is the way to kick the problem away, but have too much apps and settings, so I moved back the nandroid backup..
  8. JustSuds

    JustSuds Lurker

    lol. I've been putting up with the problem for a few weeks now. I'm usually pretty good at trouble shooting, but I cant find the answer anywhere. I cant even narrow the problem down beyond that its not in the settings and that its not caused by handcent or chomp.

    It could be anything! lol. Does anyone have more insight into the issue?
  9. daffyduck

    daffyduck Guest

    Guys, this is just plain crap.......I use HandCent on my Euro Hero (white) & I haven't had dual notifications for an absolute age. Question, are you using the US versions (Sprint) or the GSM versions of the Hero?

    All the settings were changed some time ago but are you sure you have turned off all the settings in the default SMS app?

    Oh, I am also using Vanilla HTC ROMs
  10. JustSuds

    JustSuds Lurker

    Yeah. The exact sort of response I was talking about. lol, what does Gmail have to do with anything?

    The problem doesnt occur in all cases, only to some people, sometimes. But once it occurs, its a real pain to get rid of. I think it may actually be caused by a bug in some widgets. Like the pureSMS widget. (I've reinstalled the OS from scratch three times today, removed the issue each time, replicated it each time, but havent been able to narrow it right down yet).

    in short, simple terms the issue is not being able to disable/remove sms notifications for the default messaging application. And yes; the Notifications are DISABLED in the settings.

    I've seen cases of it happening on Hero, Dream, Magic and Droid handsets, with people using ChompSMS and HandcentSMS, as well as the Popup SMS and PureSMS widgets.

    Thats all the "confirming" i've done. The only way ive been able to remove it, is by wiping the sd card and reinstalling the OS. There may be other ways, but no one has supplied one yet.

    Everytime I've come across it, it seemed to coincide with setting up sms widgets. Either way, it appears to "break" the "Messaging" application's "Notifications" setting.
  11. JustSuds

    JustSuds Lurker

    I apologize if i sounded rude. But I have recieved/seen the exact same response every single time the problem has been mentioned anywhere.

    "Go to Messaging > menu > settings > and disable notifications" - but that doesnt solve the problem. Not for me, not for about 80% of the people that have posted with the problem.

    I have permanently solved the double sms problem (for myself at least).

    *MY* problem, which has identical symptoms to other peoples is described above. This was my solution and reasoning;

    I figured that it was very unlikely that it was a bug in the OS, so I looked elsewhere. Mirage; do you have Beautiful SMS installed?

    The Beautiful SMS widget sets up its own notifications when you create the widget on your home screen. The notification is IDENTICAL to the stock sms app, and points to the stock messaging app too. When you remove the widget, the notifications remain in place. Every time you receive a message, BeautifulSMS will notify you. You can fix it by creating the widget again, and disabling sms notifications in the widget's settings. Or just uninstall the app.

    Other SMS widget apps may have the same or similar icons. lol.

    SOLUTION: Check your widget's notification settings. (eg. BeautifulSMS, SMS Popup.)
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  12. hoss789

    hoss789 Newbie

    I think I figured this one out!!! I was having the same problem and just fixed it. Along with the "Handcent SMS", I also had "Missed Call". I wasn't really using it but it was on. Although Missed Call is not an SMS app it does generate a notification when you get a message.

    I uninstalled Missed Call and everything is working OK.
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  13. pbchris

    pbchris Lurker

    JustSuds i hope you get this. I registered just to let you know you are a freakin genius. I have been fighting with this issue for months on my droid. i never even thought to check the widget notifications. I was just dealing. WooooooooHooooooo!!!!! only one SMS notification per message now.

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Thank You. I have emailed everyone i can think of from devs to companies and no one knew how to fix it.

  14. Vidfreek

    Vidfreek Newbie

    Thanks JustSuds, I've been playing with that for about a day now and couldnt figure out why I was getting 2 notifications, it was driving me nuts!
  15. Just Suds, thanks!! I was getting the double notification after installation of Handcent as well.
  16. Connectz

    Connectz Android Enthusiast

    I'm STILL getting double notifications even after the official Froyo update....
  17. QDman

    QDman Lurker

    Hoss, you are my hero of the day! I've been trying to solve this for MONTHS, and all it took was uninstalling Missed Call. Thanks a million!
  18. franners

    franners Member

    Hello, my 2.1 Orange Hero does this double notification thing too with Handcent. I am very sure the settings are correct with notifications off in original Messages app. I do not and never had Beautiful or Missed Call installed. Any tips?
  19. revolt1977

    revolt1977 Lurker

    You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!
    You have no idea for weeks i've been trying to figure how to fix this on my own.
    I'm pretty good when it comes to trouble shooting but i was completely stumped by this until i read this!
    I just wanted to register to this site and give you a virtual high five and a hugh thanks!!
    You are the man!!
  20. franners

    franners Member

    I fixed this issue with an un- and reinstall of Handcent.
  21. torosax

    torosax Lurker

    Ok, maybe I'm ******ed, how do you adjust the widget's notification settings? This is really frustrating.. I've got an HTC EVO and have had no problems with this but now I'm trying to help my buddy with his HERO and I can't even tell you how annoyed I'm getting cuz I can't figure this thing out lol.. any help would be great, Thanks!
  22. torosax

    torosax Lurker

    Ok.. apparently I had already fixed it for him once before so he just had to remind me what I did.. lol! Just went into the Handcent app then into the settings > Notification Settings and un-checked "Enable popup".. then to stop the other notification thing I just went into the settings for the original sms app and turned off notifications... ALL BETTER!! YAY!!
  23. dirtaydork

    dirtaydork Newbie

    Still cant get mine 2 wrk on tha htc hweo
  24. evperry

    evperry Member

    same problem on epic.... cant get the notifications to stop and i dont have any widgets installed.
  25. chaddbm75

    chaddbm75 Lurker

    JustSuds.. you are a genius. I was about to hard reset my phone, it was driving me crazy!

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