Help Double Twist question?

I just made the move from my icrap 5 to the note 4. Glad I did! I have many questions to ask. One is: I used double twist to transfer my iTunes music over. It worked great but I was wondering how do I buy new music now and when I do will it drop into my double twist app? I've read on here about smart switch and wondering if it's better?


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When I buy music it's either through Amazon or through the Play Store.

I've never used Double Twist, so can't answer that question (though I'd GUESS that the answer is 'no').

I used Smart Switch to move data from my S4 to my N4 and it worked very well. I can't speak to how it would work for moving your iTunes music. But it seems to me that if you've already got your music transferred and it's working then the point it moot.


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Yes it is working but for example I just bought a song through amazon. Apparently amazon has it's own player. I was wondering if the song I bought through amazon would drop into double twist as well but it didn't. I guess a better question is there an app where all my music, old itunes or new amazon music, can be one app (player)?


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Try Poweramp ...



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I'd recommend buying your music from Amazon mp3. Google Play Music actually sets a limit (2) on the amount of times you can download albums or specific songs from the web. I've purchased the music but google limits how many times I can download it?

That doesn't sit well with me. I buy my mp3's from Amazon because you can download as many times as you want or need too. From there, I move them into my google play music folder for upload

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I thought that doubletwist synced with the play lists in iTunes every time you open it.

I use doubletwist for Mac and that seems to be what happens for me.


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I have a Mac desktop, and had iPhones through the iPhone4, then switched to android with a Samsung GS4, and now the Note 4 (something about that number "4"....hmm).

Anyway, I used DoubleTwist, then wirelessly with Airdroid, then Kies to transfer iPhone/iTunes music to the S4, each with generally successful, not perfect, results.

With the Note 4, I decided to use Samsung's SmartSwitch directly to my Mac to get my music via my separate songs and playlists, which I kept complete owing to the fact that I also have an iPad 3 (there...not a "4"). Well, my results.....(drum-roll), also, were mixed. By this, I mean that, for some reason, I can only import a total of 1000 songs of my almost 1500 (only got 800 on the S4), and I'm not really sure why some will not translate to the android. It may have something to do with either copyright or iTune restrictions, but I'm not sure.

Have others had any better luck than I have transferring music from an Apple (iTunes) to an android platform, or have you had a similar experience? If better luck than me, any tips?


I use Tunesync. After installing the app download the server from their site free and install on your computer (you will need to check If Mac is supported) then you will be able to wirelessly sync your iTunes playlists to your phone. You can continue to by music through iTunes and resync with new songs.