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Support DoubleTwist extremely slow to sync podcasts!?! Maybe starts from Scratch?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by visualoddity, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. visualoddity

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    So, here's the skinny...

    I use DoubleTwist to sync a number of podcasts to my Vibrant. I have had the same issue with this phone, 2 MT3G's, and MT4G and a Galaxy Tab. The problem is that its SUPER slow every time. I mean, I have had it syncing for close to two hours now, still not finished. This is NOT a one time thing...

    Here is what I am seeing. It SEEMS as though every time it syncs, it removes the videos already on the device and starts over. I know this because I had 25-30 unwatched videos on my device, started a sync, then stopped it after about 10 minutes. Suddenly I only had 6 videos on my device. It's as if the software removed the files already copied to the phone, then started over copying them back over again.

    Is there a way around this? If not, is there another good (free) application to download and sync multiple video podcasts?




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