Doubletwist / iSyncer Problems


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So coming from iOS, all my music is in iTunes and in AAC format. Until now I have just been adding a few songs manually onto my phone, but now I am looking for a better solution. I did some research and installed iSyncer and Doubletwist - so far so good.

However, once I go to sync, it becomes apparent that these two programs don't recognise iTunes AAC files, so of the 256 songs in my playlist I am trying to sync, it will only actually sync 20, the mp3 ones. Is there a way round this, or even a way to convert all my itunes library back to mp3 without having to get yet more software and just do it in itunes directly?



Sorry, I use iTunes and Doubletwist to manage my playlists, but all my music files are mp3, so I can't help you.

Doubletwist probably has a forum, or you could email them the questions, I'm sure.


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I haven't had any problems syncing my iTunes playlists with my phone via iSyncr. Are you using the full version or the trial? The trial version is limited on how many tracks it will upload at a time.


i tried converting my itunes using their own "itunes plus" program and it wouldn't even convert my songs. I have 450 and it would only convert 34.

i too would be interested in a program that will convert all my AAC files