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Down grade hboot from 0.92 to 0.80

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by anoniemouse, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Found this over at xda

    [HOW-TO] downgrade HBOOT 0.92 to 0.80 again - xda-developers

    Looks promising for all those users stuck with no available root.

    Also found this too.


    Hope one of these methods hope people to get sorted out.

    Here is a brick fix for anyone who needs it with boot of 0.83 & slcd screens



    It seems as if only one person has had success in downgrading their hboot version, so a BIG WARNING TO ANYONE TRYING TO DOWNGRADE HBOOT TAKE EXTREME CARE. __________________

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  2. Si Pie

    Si Pie Well-Known Member

    It does indeed work. I now have root. Never will I assume an OTA update will have everything I need again!
  3. Pedro7

    Pedro7 Android Enthusiast

    could you possibly say anything that you did to achieve this and from what hboot you were coming from? did you follow the guide word for word? because there are people reporting problems with the method... this may help them out :)
  4. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Even if it only helps one or two people out then at least it has been worth while.

    Seems as though it can be hit & miss depending how advanced people are with doing this sort of thing.
  5. Pedro7

    Pedro7 Android Enthusiast

    reading threads over at xda now that this process only works if you upgraded to this hboot. if you shipped with 0.83 or 0.92, then you most likely have an SLCD and unbranding will cause the screen to stay blank :O
  6. teppic74

    teppic74 Android Enthusiast

    You can still debrand SLCD phones with hboot 0.83, you just need to use the latest RUU. This probably won't work for people who updated to the Vodafone branding, as the software version is higher than the latest stock HTC software.
  7. Kev23

    Kev23 Member

    OK, firstly, BIG, HUGE thanks to anoniemouse for finding and posting this.

    Right, for anyone who is thinking about doing this I can confirm it works (I have just spent last couple of hours doing it). I have unbranded desire, that shipped with 2.1 (so AMOLED screen)..... which i obviously decided to update OTA to 2.2

    If you follow instructions to the letter you shouldn't have a problem, with that said the only bit of the instructions I though weren't very good were in step 2, where it asks you to install unrevoked and the usb drivers... Here is what I did (rightly or wrongly)

    download and install unrvevoked
    download drivers, and unzip to a location
    enable usb debugging on phone
    connect phone in disk drive mode... windows seemed to find and install this bit automatically.
    check via control panel -> system-> hardware -> then you should see 'Android usb, or phone"

    Next (where it went a bit wrong for me).... Start unrevoked, windows will find new hardware and you can select the driver location (tell it the unzipped folder location)...everything seemed to install, but unrevoked just was hanging (waiting for bootloader if i remember correctly).... so a shat myself!, and the stopped unrevoked, pulled usb cable. ... and selected power down from phone.

    Rebooted phone, and I reconeected and ran unrevoked (i did NOT select disk drive this time).. the program ran and did it's thing ..... PHEW!! :D
    then continued with guide.

    That's it... your done!
    BTW, at the end first reboot seemed to take an eternity.... don't worry...it'll load!!

    One last thing... it also reverts your radio back to the 4xxx version...
    so I after I completed the guide, I downloaded the latest radio... went into recovery and flashed it, and then reflashed the ROM (i think i read somewhere that radio's have to be flashed first).

    Hope this helps you - good luck

    Am off now to enjoy rooted goodness... and install setcpu of course!!
  8. Pedro7

    Pedro7 Android Enthusiast

    oh, i thought that the step you missed out was going into device manager and updating android 1.0 with the driver you downloaded..
  9. Kev23

    Kev23 Member

    Doh!.... figured I was being daft and that it was probably easy
    Thanks Pedro
  10. Pedro7

    Pedro7 Android Enthusiast

    lol no problem mate

    we all make mistakes :p

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