Help Downgrading PRL


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I know someone here has wanted to do this at one time or another. I've searched to no avail. I was previously on the 52078 PRL issued Nov 6 2010 (last time I did a *22899) and decided to update my PRL a couple of days ago. The newest issued VZW PRL's are 52219 & 52220. So I got 52219. Now I get no 3G at home. Drive 2 miles down the road and 3G is good.

My wife was on 52078 and had 3G fine....just like I always have since owning this phone in April 2010. So I updated hers to the 52219 (like the idiot I am) and now she gets no 3G at home. 3G is fine though down the road 2 miles and beyond.

Veriz tech service said they can't do anything about this.

Although our dBm strength is better than it has been previously we don't get 3G in our home just 1X

We are in Atlanta GA so no hybrid Alltel PRL applies here, but I would like to downgrade back to 52078 or anything before as 3G was always present since owning this phone. I know how to get into her PRL setting ##778, but can't find a place on the web to download PRL files this recent. ONLY THESE. She is on Virtuous.

I however, am on CM7 and ##778 doesn't work for me.

Any advice is much appreciated