Download apps but not through market?


ok so im new to the forums. names chaylz hi all. im sure everyone reading this is aware of downloading second source apps rooting etc. so my samsung epic is rooted, i have astro file manager i have "allow downloads from secondary sources checked" i download "hide & block texts- invisible" . in this case will foward all texts or numbers i add to the app to this hidden app and doesnt go to my inbox. ive tried useing appcontrol and astro itself. to download the application either move it to sd uninstall from the market and removing it back over. when you go to install the application you have 2 options. "use astro or market" you use market to install it. it now comes up in your market as you have the application. i do not want it to showup in the market.. any other solutions?


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basically i want to download apps. but have them not showup in my market so i dont have to lock that app too..


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This could be a carrier specific thing that they require the market to know about the app. I have Metro PCS and I can just go through Astro to install a file and it makes no link to the market. You might try the forum for your phone.


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In Astro press on the APK, choose open app manager, then choose install. If it is still attached to the market you can download the paid version of titanium backup and from there you can choose to remove market link and it will no longer register on the market.

Applanet is a bad idea as it is a refuge for pirated apps, support your devs.