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I've recently switched to Android (HTC Desire HD) from iPhone and the single greatest issue is that whenever I install an app, Android puts it in the app drawer (which is so frustrating to scroll through) and then I have to manually put the icon on one of my home screens. I would like this to be automatic, but I don't want to use a custom launcher (if possible) because I like the Sense UI. Does anyone know of any app/hack/tweak that will do this?


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hi there and welcome...

as for your Q, i dont think there is a way of doing, the apps on your homescreens are more shortcuts than anything else.


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Welcome to the forums, and no - unlike the iPhone, Android puts everything in the app drawer, you customize screens as you wish.

For what it's worth, your fastest way to put something on a screen is to long-press the blank spot where you want the new thing to go to, then select from Widgets, Shortcuts, Apps or Folders.

You'll find many apps include their own handy widgets that adds a bit more to the experience than just the app tile/icon on-screen.


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Yeah, I know that the icons on the home screens are just shortcuts but is there any way to put a shortcut there automatically for every app I download?