Nov 13, 2009
Holiday, FL
I have 3 download notifications that won't clear. I tried pressing the clear button and clicking on the notifications but they keep coming back. Any one else?
never had this happen... but my little trick that works for most everything glitchy, turn off the phone and remove the battery for 10 seconds up to 2 minutes (per a motorola tech, 2 minutes is what he recommended but I'm too impatient, and usually 10 seconds clears things for me).
I have the exact same problem - I have downloaded one video and two songs. ONE song notifications keeps coming back, as does the video notification; the other song notification appears to have been removed normally. These notifications can be cleared, but they come back a few hours later.

I have been unable to determine if their reappearance is associated with an event such as getting an email. I have been able to determine that clearing the same notifications three times a day is very annoying.

EDIT: I have also noticed that notifications for 'applications updates available' keeps coming up; I have installed a couple of those updates, but that doesn't seem to have removed the need to inform me about them.
Genius! In fact, the newer version of the Dolphin browser also includes an easier way to clear the cache. I wonder why it notified on two of the three downloads...oh well.

Software updates appeared to have been necessary; if they come back again I will update this post.:)