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Support Download Manager Eating Data

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Hi! I use an old Nook HD+ tablet, if only because I can't afford anything else right now. I recently subscribed to T-Mobile with a 10GB data allotment, which should have been perfect for my needs.
    However, less then two weeks after, I suddenly got the notice I'd already hit my data cap, and was now throttled. I was confused, since by my own internal calculations, I should have been *maybe* only half through.

    I downloaded a data manager app, and I soon identified (at least a good part of) what had eaten my data. A process called 'Download Manager', which had the Android symbol. In the time since I downloaded the app earlier today, its used over 300 MB, nearly ten times as much as the next data hog (Chrome, which has used just over 30MB.)

    I disabled auto-updates of apps, and even disabled auto-synching on my Nook, but that didn't keep it from spiking again, which brought it above the 300MB mark.

    So, yeah, HELP. This is unsustainable. I plan on buying more data for the month, but I really need to sort this out first. What's causing this process to use so much data?


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