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download notification won't clear

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by martyno, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. martyno

    martyno Lurker
    Thread Starter

    On my intl GS3, I seem to have acquired a permanent "ongoing download" notification. I've tried deleting the downloaded file and redownloading, resetting the phone, shutting the phone off, pulling the battery, clearing the browser cache, and going into the app manager and stopping the download process. Any ideas as to how to eliminate this notification?

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  2. SmugMug

    SmugMug Newbie

    Was the download initiated in a non-stock app? It's possible that whatever app you used to initiate the download is set to resume incomplete downloads on boot as well as whenever the download process is killed. If you go into settings -> applications and clear user data, then uninstall, then reinstall that app, it MAY solve your problem.

    If you used the stock browser, you could try clearing the user data, then stopping the download process and rebooting, but I've never run into this problem so I can't be sure that it will solve your problem.
  3. martyno

    martyno Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The download was initiated by Gmail, which is a native app and can't be removed. I tried clearing data and cache, and removing all updates. No luck.
  4. work4crown

    work4crown Lurker

    This same problem just happened to me. I was saving a photo from within gmail to my Samsung S3 when I decided I would wait until I was in a wifi location to download it. In the middle of the download I turned off my mobile data. This caused my phone to have a download notification stuck in my notification area.

    After reading the above posts I decided to try clearing the cache in the download app. It turns out all I had to do was force close the download app.

    Here is how I did it:
    Home screen - menu button - settings - Application manager - 'All' tab - Download manager - Force stop.

    It worked for me; hope it works for you.

    Hey Google... Could you fix this please?
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  5. rutav

    rutav Lurker

    Hi Work4Crown,

    the solution you have given is working fine, but when you restart your devices (i.e. Galaxy s3). the downloading notification comes again.

    Hey Google... Please help for this issue.
  6. chengie

    chengie Lurker

    Thank you! That worked for me! I really appreciate it :)
  7. Yackman

    Yackman Lurker

    You have to clear the data of the DOWNLOAD manager (not Gmail - although I had tried that first) - and then 'Force stop' on the download manager. - So, Settings/Application Manager - select "All" tab, "Download manager"/ Clear data / Force stop (and/or reboot).
  8. Mikishots

    Mikishots Lurker

    Yep, came across this today - I use Nova Launcher, and it indeed restarts the incomplete download repeatedly. Battery pull does nothing.

    I went to Download manager, cleared the data, forced a stop and it seems to have worked. The download doesn't try to resume after a device restart.
  9. Xtremeprady

    Xtremeprady Lurker


    Thank you Yackman for the excellent suggestion. Also, work4crown for coming up with this remedy.

    I too had a similar problem with a Icon that wouldn't disappear. Unfortunately, the file that I was downloading ain't gonna make my Ma happy..;-) thus, was wondering how to rectify this problem without embarrassing myself at the Service center. Thanks to you guys- problem solved!!

    Like it seems- am an absolute Teck n00b. :) but love my Android phone.

    Again, music files on my SD card aren't instantly recognized by the stock Music player or Winamp. It takes days before it shows up on the playlist of either player. I can however play this file using a File Manager to locate the file on the Card (only Winamp plays it, not the stock player). If I bluetooth a music file- more chances it will play. I researched this and found that it is a common problem. I own a Sony Xperia Tipo....any suggestion guys??

  10. FatiRhaz

    FatiRhaz Lurker

    Many thanks for your support. I'm having this problem 5 days ago and I also tried to remove cache and Gmail app it doesn't work I searched for a solution in many French Android Forums No luck!! And now I'm really grateful for your help Finally my notification bar is clear ;)

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