Downloaded .apk files to my pc. Where do they go?


I'm sure I could find this if I searched for another two hours, I checked the similar posts and didn't find anything so I'm just going to ask.

I've seen a lot of people talking about the emulators, so I downloaded them to my laptop since they are no longer on the market. I now have 4 .apk files on my desktop, problem is, I have no idea where to put them!

I've only had my phone 2 days. The samsung mesmerize. Prior to this I've had a tracfone lol. Can anyone tell me where I need to drag these files or what folder I may need to create in order to actually install these apps on my phone?


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First, you got to make sure your phone is set up to allow 3rd party applications (non-market) to be installed, that should be under Settings > Applications.

With that out of the way, just put them under any folder on your SD; from there, go to your file browser of choice, locate the folder and tap the file, it should prompt you to install whatever app the .apk holds.