Help downloaded document help on the optimus


I can't figure out where my download files go. I know the photos go into my gallery, but where does the rest go? I have a somewhat important form that I downloaded but when I got to the office basics program, I can see ALL my documents but can't open several of them.
how do I find them otherwise, can I even?

Id also like to be able to delete the documents I saw that I don't even need anymore, or downloaded by accident. I can only see them if I access them from the office basics program, but I can't figure out how to delete from there either.


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They should be stored on your sd card on a folder named "downloads". You will ned to install a file manager program from the market to be able to view and delete them on your phone, I use Astro File Manager. Or you can plug the phone into your pc and do it that way.


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They should be stored on your sd card on a folder named "downloads".
Different apps save downloaded files in different folders, incl., but not limited to:

  • $SDCARD/downloads/
  • $SDCARD/download/
  • $SDCARD/
"$SDCARD" refers to the root of your SD card, which at least on Froyo appears to be /mnt/sdcard (not 100% sure about other Android versions).

And, yes, getting a file manager is needed for the task at hand. There are many to choose from. For core tasks such as managing my file system, I prefer non-commercial open-source software, which is virtually guaranteed to always remain free or charge, free of ads, free of bloat, and free of hidden agendas. is a very fine choice.