Nov 3, 2010
I have tried to access my Captivate to my computer and it says I need to insert a disk. Does anyone know how I can get the mass storage to work so I can put music on my phone?
Install Captivate drivers from Samsung website or ATT website. Choose Mass storage from your settings>>applications>>USB. When you connect it, the USB symbol will come on the notification area. if u open it, you will be directed to mount your sd card. Or you can do it by going to Setting>>SD card and phone storage.
I will say again, some of us can't install those drivers, they just won't install on some WinXP boxes. I don't think I'll ever be able to use Mass Storage or any other form of USB connection :( No one has offered a solution that I've seen.
you can use a app called wifi file explorer....Its paid...but you can access your sd card from computer using...its the best way to use.
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Awesome program - thank you - but I still want the USB drivers to install.

Try downloaing latest version of Samsung Kies from Samsung website. if u already have USB drivers than just Kies, if not than both. New version works really well. I just did it and my phone is connected like butter. try it guys.