Jan 21, 2011

I've owned my phone for a few weeks now, and have updated the software.....And as much as i want to download some of the free fun apps... My main concern that stops me is when i look at the download agreement it mentions it will have access to my phone and certain contents some of which have now possible connection to the app........ saying it will delete take and add storage contents to my phone.........whenever it feels like it :eek:

Is it my phone if they can do this ?
Am i being too paranoid, please bear in mind i don't do any social networking sites so i probably don't understand fully the angle of these hidden sneaky adverts and stuff........

Any help comment thoughts advice more than welcome :)
Don't worry :) most of apps require these :)
For taking storage it means it will take some memory space in your device to be installed :)
And also there can be mentioned data connections :) it is becouse sometimes there are ads in games which are annoying :) if you switch data transfering off after you install apps or games you want you will saved from paying extra charge for data transfered :)
That's my suggestion :)

Don't worry and ask everytime you want :)