Roger Forrest

Jan 31, 2016
Hi I am new to the forum. I have owned a Nexus 10 for 4 years and have used it to download my daily newspaper (86mb)which has worked well until 3 months age when it has failed to complete the download. I can start reading the paper and then the screen goes blank and it to download again, but fails. I have been in contact with the newspaper's helpline and they have tried everything and failed to find the answer; they have even offered to refund my subscription! I have a fibre optic Wifi connection (31 mps) and the latest router. I considered that it might be a RAM issue and removed many apps with no effect. Model details:
Build number LMY49F
Android version 5.1.1
Android security patch 2016-01-01

I would be most grateful if someone can suggest a solution?