downloading pics.



Galaxie SII, Acer computer, usb cable, card reader. How do I download pics. from this phone to comp? I have tried some directives gleaned from other sites that do not work or are so technically worded that my 3rd grade
education would not comprehend. (5 years , finally was passed)
If you can help, word it so a moron can understand it.


The Doctor
Plug the phone into the computer. Look in MyComputer. You should see your phone there. Go into the folders and look for DCIM. Your pictures are in there.
I need help badly!!!!! When i take a picture on my phone, i put it into my galary. I click on details, it tells me the pic. Is jpg. But when i go to put that pic. Onto some websites for profile it wont let me..... Tells me ....invalid pic. Must be in jpg format..... Now i ready seen the pic. Says it is jpg formatted...... Grrrrr.... How do i upload my pics to become jpg so i can place them on a website...?????
Please can anyone help me. Juzt come and do it for me.... Cuz i am getting very mad... Thanks i am desperate.....