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Downloads folder dissapeared?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stunt296, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. stunt296

    stunt296 Lurker
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    Something weird happened today. I was browsing through my SD card on my computer and noticed I had 2 folders called "Downloads". Well one was "downloads" and the other "Downloads". Now I didn't ask any questions, I opened up one of them and it had all my downloaded stuff: roms, saves, photos, etc. The other just had 2 random videos. So, I copied those videos to my "videos" folder and deleted the folder. Then, I wanted to copy something to my other "downloads" folder, but it said something like "the file on the disk doesn't exist" or something. I didn't understand, but I went on ASTRO and the folder was gone! I'm guessing because I deleted the other "Downloads" folder, it recognized it as deleting both since they have the same name. It really sucks because I was palying some GBA games and got really far in some of them! Oh well :(

    EDIT: And now for some reason I can't connect it to my computer anymore. Nothing is going my way today! It's really pissing me off!

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