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DP to PX

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by kodiak211, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. kodiak211

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    I'm trying to learn how to develop apps. Just starting out. I have a idea i want to try, but I'm lost even with a dp to px convter. when setting the px to the required dimensions they seem to all be wide. When i run them in the app i built the image is compressed. Now this was tried as a splash image. That might be why its compressed. I'm thinking the required dimensions is to take in account for landscape mode, but I'm not sure if that's why the required dimensions is wide. Note, the app I'm wanting to build is for portrait mode only. If you can help me, or if you know of any video's that might help, it would be appreciated. I have tried reading the Android Development Dev Guide on Supporting Multiple Screens. I don't fully understand it. And I've been watching TheNewBoston for Android Development. My desired dimensions is about 720w x 1140h in PX. how do I get this dimension to work with mdpi ldpi hdpi in DP.

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