DPad noise?


So I'm pretty sure there is no plastic on the DPAD but everytime I use it it gives this weird noise as if there was some over it, the noise happens sometimes by me just moving my thumb over it and not really pressing down on it. Any ideas?


Mine isn't like this at all. I even played around with it today for about five minutes. I can't get mine to make any kind of noise at all even rubbing my thumb over it back and forth. I did not remove any form of plastic from my dpad.

I'd call sprint or take it into the store and have it looked at it. The shift hasn't been out thirty days so everyone is still under warranty. Don't get stuck in a one or two year deal with a faulty phone. Big mistake that would be.

Matty Mo

Android Enthusiast
here goes me saying my favorite saying again.... TIME TO TAKE IT BACK AND GET A NEW ONE!!! if it makes a loud enough noise to were it is noticeable take it back to the store and show the rep. especially if the floor model doesn't make the noise to compare it to. say it is a manufacture deafly and that you want a new one because you don't know what it can lead to later on down the road.


i Would say take it back as well. mine has no such issue. no plastic or noise. just the normal click when using it from pressing it in any direction